LSE:R Gameplay Tips & Hints

A little odd for sure, but this new thread will be specifically for the gameplay aspects of Lysithea’s Sweet Escapades: Redux.

Please post all questions concerning certain aspects of the gameplay, be it difficulty with bosses, finding items, etc. here and other players (or myself of course) will try to help you out.

We are aware of how difficult the game could be, so I felt it necessary to make this separate thread specifically to address these issues for all players.
Thank you all for playing our game and we hope this can make it a little easier for everyone that wants it to be!


Quick question, are we supposed to find a way to get the mercenary with us before we get the armor to the girl - forgot her name - or is he just meant to die?

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cuz im stuck on the dragon and I don’t know how to beat him :frowning:

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As long as you fought all the mimics in the tent that you can kill from the start (not the first one) you should have just enough money to hire the mercenary as well as some good equipment for Lysithea. The idea was to make the player choose either the mercenary or items to stock up on.

Also make sure to check out the shelves in the necromancer’s tent for some extra healing and mana items.

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i see, thanks for the hints!


Think I’ve encountered a softlock.

So I’ve defeated Carol and saved Hilda, then woke up the next morning in the Inn. After I get Hilda, go downstairs, and talk to the Innkeeper about the Witch and Carol’s backstory I can’t leave the Inn. If I try to, I get a message saying it’s getting too late and it’s time to turn in. After that, I can’t sleep or leave, have no further dialogue with the Innkeeper, and can’t go to the store room to see Carol.

Anyone know what I should do?

Oof that’s a real problem, and unfortunately that’s a rather massive bug.
I’m not sure there’s a way to get around it in game yet due to the time stuff.
It’ll be fixed by the next update for sure.
I’m sorry for the trouble regarding this event.

I’m going to move this here.

The areas marked 8 are where the Chimeras spawn since I’ve received many questions about where they appear.
By the next update, expect all N.M.Es to be shown through on map enemy sprites and for all N.M.Es to have their own unique movement A.I. upon spotting the player.