Lysithea's Sweet Escapades Redux - A Weight Gain RPG based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Current Version - Version 5.0 - Marianne Chapters Update: Down

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The Original Thread: Lysithea's Sweet Escapades

Gameplay Tips and Questions: LSE:R Gameplay Tips & Hints

Major disclaimer: This game will feature a higher difficulty curve than most other RPGs on this site. Please keep in mind that this more akin to a RPG with niche fanservice than mere fetish material. Going in with that mindset will cause some frustration.

If you do encounter difficulty, please head over to the gameplay thread linked above. Please do not use cheats or edit the files in any way, it’s disrespectful to all the people who’ve worked hard on this game.

Welcome to Lysithea’s Sweet Escapes Redux!
This thread is a remake of the original Lysithea’s Sweet Escapades after the original poster disappeared and left the project to us.

This game is based on the setting and characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but aims to create a story that will be enjoyable for all people, even those unfamiliar with the source material.

The game is a character-driven RPG that focuses on character interactions and development.
The fetish content is not the focus of the story, but there is still a healthy amount sprinkled throughout the game in various bad endings, and the ability to fatten up your characters to change their stats and affect how the fight in battle!
Using the Weight Gain System, you can customize your party and your strategies however you want!

The story takes place after the events of the Golden Deer route of Three Houses, and focuses on the ‘escapades’ of Lysithea, Hilda, Marianne, and Leonie traveling outside Fódlan and getting in over their heads against a certain cult who’s goals are yet unclear…
The game includes stuffing, burping, and light slob so far, but that range of fetishes is sure to expand as it goes on.

Gameplay wise, The Redux version features a heavily altered version of the original combat system. Battles now feature a displayed hit rate when attacking enemies, weapon durability, and passive skills to give the game a far more tactical edge.

Please, leave us feedback in the comments and feel free to contact me directly if you wish to lend your skills to the project! Also, please like the post if you enjoyed the game.
And please, share this game with anyone that may be interested.

All rights @ Nintendo
Fire Emblem and all associated characters belong to Intelligent Systems


And yes, we’ve gone through EXTENSIVE bug testing this time around.


Oh so Claude got switched out for leoine then? or was Claude just mentioned. Glad to give it another go! (Haven’t played it in a while)

Claude was switched out for Leonie, but Claude will still appear as a NPC every now and again.

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Is the dragon supposed to be immune to poison? Because previous dialogue suggested that poison would work against it, but I can’t use Lysithea’s poison spell against it.

Yes, it’s a trick. The old man is just wrong. Why would a random old man know what works against a dragon?
It’s joke.

Also, added a Mediafire Mirror because the Google Drive link has been experiencing difficulties because there were too many downloads!
Thank you all for your support, and this quickly as well!

Is the victory party/parting ways with the merc the end of the update so far?

Not at all! There is quite a bit after that.

Love to see this continuing, hope the original developer is doing ok, since they seem to have vanished.


Then I may have encountered a bug. After that dialogue exchange I was sent to the game over screen. I think lysithea may have been ko’d in the boss, so when everyone else left the game registered me as not having any alive characters and game over’d me.

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I see what happened.
KO doesn’t get removed at the end of battle so yes, that’s exactly what happened.
An easy way around it is to use a revival item at the end of the battle to ensure she’s alive.

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A bit unfortunate, I now must go fight the boss again lol

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I am very glad you brought this up lol.
Believe it or not, this has never appeared during testing.

I’m not terribly active on here, but if you look around, you’ll see this kind of thing often happens to me xD I can accidentally be a bit of a game breaker.

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I guess we got very lucky that you came to break our game them xD

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Well I’m always happy to play a game that mixes the golden deer and weight gain! Enjoyed the old version a lot, happy to see there’s still a version in production. I like the recent changes to make it more fire emblem-y. Still a bit sad to see nothing happens if you eat as much as you can in the tent without triggering the event, and then fight the boss. Would’ve liked a mildly chubby lysithea lol

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Update: Match time trials are REALLY buggy.

  1. I can randomly see Anne outside the building next to a bucket at one part of the map
  2. The match count system seems really broken. It doesn’t always physically consume a match from your inventory when you say light a scroll, but it DOES when you light the fireplace or start the challenge. If you try to get more from the drawer, no matter how many you’ve used so far, it says you cant carry any more. If you run out of time with no matches left, it just repeatedly gives the dialogue box “The light went out” and you’re softlocked.

Also, the map is notably lighter even in unlit areas after the first time you try going through it. Like, can see obstacles even without matches lighter.

It’s not perfect sadly, but it’s something to keep in mind and it’s playable at least and by that I meant the Anne thing.

The lighter thing is to make it easier as we are well aware of how difficult the maze could be.

And no, torches don’t consume matches because that would be too much, even by my standards. Everything save the ‘softlock’ was designed that way. There’s no other way for us to limit the amount of matches to use, besides the way before where it had a limited amount of matches in total then it was game over.

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