Need Javascript/RPG Maker MV programming help! Willing to pay!

I’m HereForTheGoodShit, developer for LSE:R

I’ve been struggling to make some plugins for my RPG on RPG Maker MV.
These plugins will focus on making altering in game text to be ‘Fat speak’, making players get stuck in narrow spaces if they are too fat, and automating my in game weight game system!

I am willing to pay for your work! Please respond soon!

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Some of this, like specific spaces where characters might get stuck, might be better done through management of in-game events and common events; even the weight gain system will likely be easier to parse and adjust through common events, even if it might be more of a pain to set up. If by ‘fat speak’ you mean automatically injecting breathing breaks, wheezing, or even distortions to sounds/phenomes in dialogue based on a character’s weight, that’s certainly a job more fitting for a plugin, and while it’s very possible to do it’s going to require a number of parsing rules to make sure the adjustments don’t look too weird in certain spots.

If you’re still looking for help, I have some modest amount of knowledge both in MV/MZ events and writing plugins; you can reach out to me via DM either here or on Discord (I’m jimbobvii there too, although I’m not a member of the LSE server, I don’t think) with more concrete details on what you’re after and I can probably whip up some sort of basic demo at the very least.

I agree with jimbobvii you don’t really need plugins for most of the things you’ve mentioned, even “fat speak” can perhaps be done with something like

if fat >= 10
text 1

if fat >= 20
text 2

That would be a massive,and obscene waste of time to do that for every single piece of dialogue.

I’m bumping this thread up! Still looking for people to help!