Lysithea's Sweet Escapades

Current patch-

Lysithea’s Sweet Escapades v.15
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Version .12

Mediafire mirror- Lysithea’s Sweet EscapadesV.12

Welcome to Lysithea’s Sweet Escapades where I take an open ended ending to an already established game and make a game out of it! For those unfamiliar with Fire Emblem Three Houses, that’s totally okay! This project won’t rely much on that game besides four already established characters those being Lysithea, Hilda, Claude, and Marianne and having them as the main party. The four travel outside of the original game’s confines as well. I feel I’ve done a good job explaining an detailing the story in a way that wouldn’t alienate players unfamiliar with the source game so don’t be afraid to give it ago. I don’t mind explaining any questions you might have to clear things up. If anything those that have played the base game might get mad over how OoC some of the cast will get in this project… oops. Initially I planned to try a plugin that transformed combat similar to fire emblem combat but I was struggling to get it to work and decided it was too ambitious a task for my first project with rpgmaker.

This game will primarily be an attempt at a story driven experience with humor, burps, stuffing, weight gain, and the works sprinkled in. I also plan for branching routes in future updates, or rather the player gets to choose which route to take first then complete the second route later with different reasons to prioritize doing one route over another. I dislike linear gameplay in rpgs so even if it’ll be a headache and more effort, I’d like the player to be able to choose. That being said one route will likely be created before the other in terms of development but… I digress. THAT BEING SAID, there is a small route variation in this initial release. It won’t impact the overall story too much but there’s different dialogue in each route and each attempts to flesh out certain aspects of each character.

As this is my first time making an rpgmaker project (and well fetish content in general) please let me know about anything. Bug reports, typos, criticisms, praise, which fetish scene you liked the most, ways to improve, combat balancing… etc.

Hopefully there shouldn’t be many bugs in this current version, thanks to everyone who played the earlier builds, this should be staple!

List of things to look forward to in the next update:

Typo corrections and potential bug fixes

Additional story and events within the desert town of Fusmar.

More accurate face sprites to suit sizing of characters (possibly some with more emotion in them and more accurate to source material
instead of cheap looking knock offs).

Quest Journal implemented.

Hopefully pictures (if I can find an artist to collaborate with.)


Seems promising, I ran into a couple different errors in the fights. The first mimic said it couldn’t find bgm/dw2boss.ogg (I think) and the second one (and all the others I tried) gave me this screen when the mimic went to attack:

The bad end and the couple of sprite stages look great, though.

Edit: Boss fight fails to load bgm/KillCommand.ogg

I posted about this in Grimimic’s server, but yeah there’s like A LOT of missing files in here, and I’m not sure how they disappeared. Most of them are normal RPG Maker MV files, which you have to like manually remove before distribution since there’s no RTP for it to work with.

Alright, note to self. A: playtest the deployed game… and B. don’t click *exclude unused files… C. don’t release it before I go to sleep.

Sorry about that, it played fine when I was playing it in the maker and it never occurred to me
something may not have carried over. Well, lesson learned!

Thank you both for testing the waters! This should be playable. :sweat:


Unfortunately, I had a problem with the boss man. Nothing did damage except for the poison attack, but when he got to 0 HP, he just refused to die. Nothing I did could possibly kill him.

Odd, I could’ve sworn you should be able to do damage. What level is Lysithea? Did you equip any of the items from the chests? Each of her spells has different damage modifiers, you only need to cast the poison attack once to poison him each time since it deals less damage than her other attacks. I’m pretty sure at base level you should still be able to do damage to him. There’s a really strong spell in the tent if you check the bookshelves which might be the problem.

Didn’t get the spell or any of the items. Level 21 I think, so not base level.

I went back and started through the area again, this time fighting the chests (cause I can do that now).

Found an odd bug when Lysithea checks on Edgar after fighting the monster. There seems to be a dialogue loop problem where she says “Huh? There’s… paper over there.” Then it immediately goes back to “I can’t believe I’m further delaying my party visit to check up on Edgar…” This keep repeating, with Lysithea continuing to move three squares up until she gets stuck against the wall.

I also had the bug where the boss didnt die. Did you find a solution?

Thank you for these reports! I’d like to be able to correct these tonight but IRL issues will likely impede me from fixing these until tomorrow.

A game where Lysithea gets fat? SIGN ME THE HELL UP!


This. I needed this game.

Found an odd bug when Lysithea checks on Edgar after fighting the monster. There seems to be a dialogue loop problem where she says “Huh? There’s… paper over there.” Then it immediately goes back to “I can’t believe I’m further delaying my party visit to check up on Edgar…” This keep repeating, with Lysithea continuing to move three squares up until she gets stuck against the wall.

I had this issue as well. Plus the maid for some reason the maid disappears during the party scenes though her dialogue continues to appear

Fantastic work otherwise! My favorite has to be the Maid who feeds and teleports food into Lysithea’s stomach. What a great idea/scene.

Update link-

MediaFire Link Mirror- Lysithea’s Sweet EscapadesV.12

I’m really glad that some Lysithea fans have found my thread! One of reasons for this project, my attachment to her character aside, is the lack of fats surrounding a character that literally loves sweets. Downright criminal I tell you. I hope that I can do her character justice in this project!

Patch notes-

That being said, I’m back with bug fixes and combat balance changes.

Bug fixes- In terms of this category, I fixed everything reported in this thread and over on Grimimic’s discord. Thank you for everyone for playing and reporting your issues. Hopefully this version is much more stable!

Combat Balance Changes-

Boss 1- I never intended for this guy to be such a roadblock for people. Apologies! In this patch, he’s much less of an annoying damage sponge as his health no longer fully recovers after each phase. He’ll still revive his mimics, but the fight should be less of a headache! He has less magical protection as well so he got nerfed fairly hard. Maybe too hard? We’ll tell.

should be a lot better as she now has two addition skills to help out. She’s a character that gets stronger as the game progresses, but that doesn’t mean she should be downright awful for her first boss fight. Her first new skill, Helm Splitter deals damage and also debuffs the enemy’s defense allowing her to deal more damage and help other physical attackers!
Her second skill Bulwark Guardian buff’s an ally’s defense for 5 turns. Both helpful for the-

Boss 2: Dragon fight- I made this fight a lot more bareable. If you recruited Edgar, he’s a lot more sturdy and can take more of a beating. The dragon also doesn’t spam it’s OP physical claw attack at the start of the battle anymore. Hilda’s additional skills compliment Edgar extremely well and even without him this fight should be less of a crapshoot.

Scenes- The final scene got reworded a fair amount so that now the maid is a lot more in line with her Lyisthea scene appearance. As a result of this, I also
tweaked the story a little so the current patch ends in with a cliffhanger, and properly sets us
up for the next update! Hopefully the letter actually being readable now (thanks past bugs) gives a tiny bit more oomph to Edgar and makes him more interesting.

Barring any major gamebreaking stuff (which I hopefully fixed already…) the next update will likely occur after the gain jam is finished as I plan to enter into it. It shouldn’t be to huge of an update but I think people will like it!

Also quick note, there aren’t any “bad ends” following either of the two boss fights in this current version so don’t worry about having to die on purpose to not miss out on a scene.


As a big Lysithea fan I’m very excited to see how this project develops. I didn’t encounter any bugs in this build either which is great.

I am curious as to whether the characters will have permanent weight gain over the course of the game as it seems like most games of this style only have weight gain as bad ends or as temporary scene based states.

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Admittedly I haven’t thought too far ahead yet in terms of character sizes but I theorized that each main character will have different weight gain themes centralized around them conceptually besides Claude, no male weight gain, sorry Claude fans. I imagine the more extreme weight gain changes should they be permanent will occur later into the story as to not slow down progression to a crawl. Can’t travel too much if a character is barely mobile yeah?

Very happy that we cleaned up the bugs to have a clean release! Big thanks to everyone who played the earlier builds when they were a mess.

As this version is stable, I intend to focus on my eventual gain jam submission for the time being and work on this on the side. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me in the art department hit me up.

I also might relook into implementing a more familiar fire emblem combat system as well at some point but that’d likely occur a fair time away from now.


So I have to say, this was an out of nowhere amazing game, haven’t played Three Houses yet, but you have definitely pulled me in with this release, not only since you have a refined taste in WG games(Pic Related) but also get an actual feeder character trying to keep her cover as she does what she does with the townies (And now adventurers). I am super excited for the next update and wish you the best man, you really hit the ground running with this release.


This seems like a pretty fun game so far, thanks for sharing! Thanks Bernie, this must have been quite the weekend project :wink:

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Really pleased to hear all that and can’t wait for future updates! Can see some very fun interactions between the cast as each of the girls cave and start putting on weight.

Good luck in the game jam! I’ll be looking forward to your submission and hopefully it gives you some ideas to implement into this project when you get back to it.

There any way to preserve our saves?! Having to start ALL over is… obnoxious. I’m feeling Lysithea’s pain with the anti-mage fights…


Just had to overwrite the files… I was worried because the unnamed stuffing RPG doesn’t have save preservation so i got worried.

Sorry, nevermind. XD