LSE:R Gameplay Tips & Hints

The day night cycle does work in the 30 day wait in chapter 2, but you must sleep to advance time to make it easier for me to program it.

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Oh okay I figured you’d have to sleep to advance to the next day but I wanted to be extra sure.

What is the Librarian’s quest?

You talk to Carol and do a box puzzle

Is that how you get the Lum book for Marianne?

Lum book? Do you mean the Aum Book? It’s in the tent at the start of the game.

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How many sidequests are there in the Fusmar during the month of waiting? So far I finished like three including the Chimera Feathers one. Also unfortunately learned that Blutgang can break again and it costs a lot of money to fix it a second time so I probably shouldn’t have equipped it so hastily. Also there was a glitch where the cutscene Voracious Slime didn’t spawn in, sort of a blessing in disguise but still thought I should mention the bug.

There’s only 3 subquests.
Yes you need yo be careful with your equipment.

And I found the bug and fixed it, thank you.


Also does the amount of Coins you have determined by whose leading? Cause I got like a bunch of Coins for sparing that one dude as Marianne and the Umbral Steel to fix Blutgang, but it changed to the amount Lystheia and Hilda had once the party was reunited. So I ended up with less of what I had.

For future updates we will be able to import saves of the current version? Or would it not work?

Sadly it will not. That’s partly the reason why this update is taking so long.
I’m trying to make this the last time this will ever happen


is it not possible to sleep in the second inn when your characters are fat? or am i missing something?