Magical Seed Garden

I found this and it seems to have a bit of everything Belly expansion breast expansion, weight gain and a few more it worth checking it out.


Game simples about girls plants <3
I hope more updates and update map.
I have idea you can create carnivorous plants and especial food for plant.
But I like the game<3
One the games my rank favorite weight gain.


Is anyone else getting a 7zip “Cannot open file as archive” error with this on a fresh download? I had this working with a previous version, but this one seems to be broken for me, even on different devices.

I’ve started playing. It takes forever for stuff to grow it seems. Has anyone reached whatever the maximum for size is? I hope it’s pretty big.

It’s password locked…

If anybody has the zip and the password, let everyone know. Can’t view any FurAffinity links if people actually use the adult content filters.

The password is “idsaybucketsofart”

Thank you! I couldn’t find it in the initial post. :wink:

never mind its been given to you

As he said before “if more get interested in this game he might update it more” also being a supporter of it give you options to vote on curtain things that come up in need of voting

To be honest I put this here to see if I could get more to see it and probably spread the word

Has anyone managed to get them fat? I’ve gotten mine a little bigger but nowhere near the level of fat like the melon girl on the promotional image. Also, is there a way to speed up the game? Like some kind of external program? I really don’t have the time to sit and do this.

Looks interesting played a bit this a long haul game if you want to see the character you select change in appearance you need to play for a long time and sadly no at the current moment billy.

Well yes there is it’s the first fertilizer option when you want to change them just keep selecting that one and YOU will see changes it’s like after the first when your done with the first selection of fertilizer

Plus you have to be patient with it

she was fatter but i take here to diet. if you wanna get her fat you must give her to much water (above the line) but is cost some time. :rofl:

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speedhack with cheatengine if you’re really impatient.

she makes herself fat if you let the waterwell standing, so she off the diet

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Is there any way to contact the developer? I wanted to let them know that at larger sizes stuff really starts to clip together, unless they already know that. And the boobs, especially when they get huge, start to collide together until they clip into the same space, which looks really weird.

Just keep her on the Dyna-diet.