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“Wow, creative title!” I hear you say, thank you very much! (look, I’m running out of ideas) anywho, a while ago, I made a topic called “Pokemon weight gain game questions”, and in the topic, I started some polls, mainly asking which characters to add in the game. Unsurprisingly, the girls won by a landslide, I even had to remove a female character to add some males, as it was depressingly low. And so, yes, I get it, “Guys suck!” “uwu lets do females!” “Big boobies.” “Men skinny, woman big!” that’s basically how this community runs, save for the “uwu” I threw in there. I’ve never got why, like, really.
I mean, maybe it’ the hair, maybe it’s the breasts, maybe some people like the feminine personality for fats, if so, then why not feminine males too? Or perhaps it’s because most people are heterosexual, and, from what I can tell, most people on here are guys.

I’m not trying to start an uprising here, making everyone get pissed, though, if you did get pissed by that, I guess I can see why, as it sounded like I was basically giving y’all the middle finger (again, not trying to, but it does look like that.) Another thing, I myself kinda fall into the same category as I was talking about, I only like males, but I don’t know why, and I really want to hear what y’alls reasons are for the gender y’all like most.

Anywho, please comment on the reasons why, or if you hate typing, here’s a poll, so I can truly confirm whether or not what I think about the community is correct or not.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Both
  • None

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Please do not feel like you have to pick one over the other, this is just a question, and if you want to participate in it, please answer truthfully.

This poll will be closed on 1/17/2021, 11:59 pm.

Other than that, i hope everyone reading this has a swell day! ;D


I imagine that female characters are more desired simply because a lot of the people are here are heterosexual men. People don’t really have a sort of prejudice against male characters – I like characters regardless of gender! And a lot of others are the same.

It comes down to preference, which tends to be circumstantial. I’m in a bit of a minority myself since I really do not like humans gaining weight for example. But it’s really just a non-issue, you know? I reckon that when you make something, don’t do it for the majority. Do it for the audience that you think would enjoy it and not the lowest common denominator. Do what you wanna do!

While I’m not a fan of male stuff? I wholly support you getting on with you want to do, even if it’s not my thing. Because there are people out there who will definitely enjoy it themselves. We have enough projects which overwhelmingly focus on females anyways, that’s a truth. You really haven’t made anyone angry (well, not me at least!).

TLDR; Most people here like women and it’s also OK that you like men. Do what you want to do!


I have to agree with @Abakhanskya’s sentiments. Additionally, polls tend to be a bit divisive, in my experience. Points to the polls for Eat The Dungeon!'s new heroines So, I’d rather not deal with any more of those, from now on. I’m leaving such things to people of a mind to do so.

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I like women because I am a heterosexual man. I don’t like seeing male WG because I am not attracted to men. I don’t need to justify my position on this because I don’t need to justify my sexuality. I’m kind of perplexed you made this topic at all.


Heh, yeah, I guess that’s fair lol.

I only like big girls because I am a man, and I like women. I do not like fat men in the slightest because that is not attractive to me.

Why is this a question?


Ok, so, clearly, this hasn’t been the most, “groundbreaking” topic, but I kinda feel like I said this wrong. Basically, yes, this question is dumb, and, looking back, didn’t need to be asked. Also, guessing from what y’all put as comments, I feel like y’all are getting the wrong idea here.

All and all, what I really wanted to know, was more of a deeper why, as in, any experiences that made you like this gender, or, maybe you don’t know as well, that kind of deal. And some people would say “Well, gee, that’s kind of personal.” and true, but if it really bothered you, I mean, you don’t need to add to the topic, I even made a poll, so that way if you did want to get into it without having to talk about personal stuff, you could.

Lastly, this was much more of a experiment than anything, because with the pokemon weight gain game, I gave some characters, and while mostly females won, I wanted to see if it was because of the gender, or did they just want to see that kind of character, which is why I made this, in order to see if the community truly favored males or females more.

So, quick recap, when I was asking about why you liked it, it was more of a detailed thing, as in, did something happen when you where younger, that made you like that more? if you didn’t want to be personal, there was a poll, to were you could simply state what you preferred more, and help with my “experiment”. And yes, I should have stated this to begin with, I know, and for that, I take all the blame, which is why I’m saying this now, in order to clarify. because of this, I would hold the poll open longer, and, for those who wondered why I asked the (admittedly dumb) question, using this new knowledge of what the original question was meant to say, I would appreciate if you could state your answer, the detailed one, that is, and again, only if you want to.

With that said, I think I covered everything I needed to clarify, and, AGAIN, sorry for this inconvenience. Finally, I truly, from the bottom of my blood pumping organ, want to wish anyone reading this a swell day. ;D

I found this question somewhat thought-provoking, actually. I interpret it as a prompt for discussion on the intersection of sexual orientation and fetishes. As an asexual that sometimes defaults to heterosexual to avoid awkward conversations, I am not really in a position to adequately answer it. I can imagine that for the mainstream in this community, the intersection is quite harmonious. That is to say, you are sexually attracted to females, especially those with a chubbier/fatter body type. It would be more complex for those who have a gender preference that switches depending on whether or not it caters to their fetish (e.g. usually attracted to women, but also like fat men).

The simpler interpretation of your question is simply about why fetishes might be gender-specific. That largely leads to origin stories, either in the fetish department or general sexual socialization. In this case what I am more interested in is how that fetish manifests itself into longing (and why). Some just want to watch the growing, some want to cuddle, some want to feed/encourage, some want to shame/humiliate/abuse, some want to have sex. There can be any combination of these desires.

To offer myself as an example, I like to fantasize about being the morbidly obese one. It comes from a humiliation perversion, but I prefer the embarrassment to come more from within. I also get turned on from mobility struggles. All of this comes from a mix of media (esp. television) and personal observation.


This are my reasons why me like the females (Ignoring my hetereosexuality):

  1. I like boobs and ass, but above that, I like wide female hips, while I see a female with wide hips, and she be thin and with an AA cup, even so I like, but add more muscle, fat or both i love.
  2. The female thighs are more stylized more wide for their hips.
  3. I like female faces are very soft and expression.
  4. The complexity of speak and personality, (posibly for that I is alone).
  5. The female clothes.
    Ironically me i like transvestism in female, but that they dress well.

I am indiferent the men and futas for the same reason.

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This hound mentioned before but before any relationship I focus on personality first appearance second, if I just wanted soft I’d just get my pillows
In general I’d prefer someone who could complement me, a yin to my yang if you will
A light to my shadow
We admit to not be the most lively individual or optimistic but someone who is yet can keep with me intellectually
At the end of the day I’d like a smart yet cheery person to my own anti nihilistic views

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Clarifying helps. Okay. So. Sorry to anyone who has trouble stopping reading once they start, because I’m very ranty:

The long and short of the basics? I just prefer big women over normal.

In more depth, guys aren’t my thing, 100% in the real world, but certain characters (unceremoniously referred to as ‘femboy’ and similar) can be appealing, if only to look at; though, I’m extremely particular. They must be legitimately feminine/effeminate, by my personal standards (which may differ from others/ymmv). I only discovered this fact last year when browsing artwork of female characters, and seeing one I mistook for such. Kinda tripped a switch in my brain.

Similar happened (with a different artist) when I saw a plus-sized version of Kaine from NieR: Automata, with…um. Certain properties that aren’t normally found on the female anatomy. I didn’t even notice at first, before checking the comments section on the picture. But then I looked again, and sure enough…(But previously, I found it off-putting. I had seen a comic with a hermaphroditic/futanari character, and it was graphic for several panels, much to my then-disgust)

Other preferences developed after disgust/disinterest in my youth, as well. Don’t ask why I like vore; I couldn’t tell you. When I was younger, I was freaked out by the idea of it, but as time went by, it became less frightening and more intriguing (I’m weird, and I own it, but this definitely crosses a line for a lot of people, understandably).

In conclusion, I think the reason why we become more accepting of-or even interested in-something we used to not like, is because our minds become either desensitized or acclimated to the existence of such things, to the point where ‘adaptation’ means ‘assimilation’. Not everyone, but some. I may be a special case, considering how many such things I’ve developed a liking for, despite my previous misgivings.

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to me asking someone “why do you like/dislike x” doesn’t make much sense. it basically always boils down to “I just like/dislike it because I do”, either you “get it” or you don’t.

asking why someone likes/dislikes a particular x does make sense because you are agreeing to hold it to the same(ish) standard of a particular “like-case”


Shoulda worded this post a bit differently, we have to read every single word to know if you’re asking what our gender is or what we like.

Thread related, I’m a heterosexual male.
Boy bits gross me out and make me flaccid.
Girl bits make my pp the big pp.
If some noob artist draws a “femboy” with a soft jawline, no adam’s apple, narrow shoulders and a wide pelvis and I don’t realize they’re supposed to be “male” until the last second, sure, it tricked me for a bit, but the realization makes my pp practically dead for a few days.
It’s a literal biological response, there’s no mystery there.

The vast majority of people in the world are heterosexual, despite what Twitter wants you to think.
I don’t remember what the demographics were like for WGaming, but IIRC it was something like 65% male, so it only stands to reason that we’d have more people wanting lewded women than men here.


from the polls I remember we’re about 80-85% males


Then that makes even more sense, I suppose.

Yeah not going to lie, ive been feeling a bit left out with all the female only wg content on this site. Mainly because im gay myself.


When people ask me why I am attracted to Weight gain, Fat Girls or Girls in general, I always answer this:

It’s chemicals, it’s animal, it’s something I feel, it’s an answer to a stimulus.
Their are absolutely no thinking of why.
The only things I can do is to let or not let this beast, this animal to show up. This beast is my sexual drive. I hold it with a leech, I have the control, that’s the only important things.

It’s like when I touch something boiling or hot, I think it’s hot because my nerves cry painfully, telling it’s hot, I not need to ask myself, why I feel that’s hot before remove my hand from the fire.


I think the real reason I’m attracted to fat guys is because in middle school I had a best friend who was really nice to me everyone else wasn’t very kind and he was always there for me and you know hormones and stuff it only got me more into fat guys once the girl liked in elementary school became a toxic person and turned out to be a lesbian I mean I really liked the girl I even asked her to be my Valentine once I had seen what the girls were like at the school I began to think all girls were ignorant and corrupt. Until I got to high school my best friends were 3 girls who I spent most of my time with at the school.


You know, I had a best friend too, though it was more of I was the nice one (gee, there really isn’t a way to say that without sounding selfish lol) he wasn’t retarded or anything, he was just very forward about his opinion, and was always shaming vegans and stuff like that. Anywho, I really hope things went well after that for you! ;D

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I’m straight but I like wh in both guys and girls, however the themes I like are different. I like a story where a guy fattens a girl, I also like a story where a girl fattens a girl, also a girl fattens a guy or both get fat…I’m just weird like that, it may involve my own fantasies as well (I am an overweight guy) so that is my long winded explanation for my preferences in terms of weight gain in games