Maternal Reads Fetish Master Patch

So, I was messing around with the maternal reads fetish master. And encountered an issue. When clicking the huge breasts show in the Fun House. If the proxy had really big tits, it would do nothing. This, I found was an issue with a particualr function not having the right variable set.

Another issue I found was at the cafe when working as a medieval waitress there’s a chance for a customer to ask your character to strip. If they were a futa and stripped the game would break. As in, you’d click the button but nothing would happen. I fixed this as well.

I have plans to convert my horse race mod to work on the Maternal Reads Fetish Master. But it will take time.

Here’s the download for the patch: 2.5 KB file on MEGA

Any feedback or my patch breaking something. Let me know. While your at it, I am curious to know what other issues people have encountered with the Maternal Reads Fetish Master. I might fix them.

Update 1: Changed download link.


hey you might want to change the download site to MEGA my firewall picked up the download page as malicious!

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You also have the option of putting it in a zip file and uploading it directly to the forum post, (unless you already tried that and it didn’t work)

Since I am a new user I am currently not allowed to upload files. But I did not know I could before. So thank you for telling me.