Meaning Behind Our Usernames

I see a lot of usernames and I wonder to myself what each one means to that user. For instance, my name, “MODOK”, was given to me in highschool by my friend. It stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Kissing", because I was kinda smooth with the ladies back in the day. :wink: The “123” is just a tag on because “MODOK” is taken most everywhere else.

What’s the meaning behind yours?

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Well, when I made my account I realized that I was a thin, fit guy on a site about being fat and out of shape so I figured it would ironic and a bit funny to be a Skinny_Guy on this site lol


Nice! Literally laughed out loud over that! XD

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Well…I don’t talk about my real self often…but my username is actually the first part of my absolutely, very real name that goes along the lines of “Disguy Righthere”. It’s a strange name, I know, but I hope to live up to the family name all the same!

…In all seriousness though, I’m just really lazy when it comes to making usernames. Wanted something easy to remember, but obviously still distinct enough that I won’t potentally get commonly confused for other users. Had the thought “this guy” since I enjoy making bad jokes, ‘nameified’ it, and called it a day~.

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There is this YT channel named “Hasoyi” which uploads japanese music, and I read the name and said to myself “Oh damn, that seems cool, I’m gonna borrow it and add something to it”. and thats how HasoyiTrip was created.

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For me, it’s from Takiji Kobayashi, a left-leaning Japanese writer from the early 20th century. He wrote several short stories where he experimented with unusual narrations. His best novel is probably Kani Kôsen (The Crab Cannery Ship), a really gruesome story with a lot of experimentations on the narration.
(And yeah, I chose to keep Takiji in the name and not Kobayashi since there’s Miss Kobayashi anime and I didn’t want people to confuse the two)

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Well, I think it’s kinda self explanatory. I had no clue on what to name myself as, so… yeah


I just put several belly realted words to a username generator and one that came up was BellyBelting, so ye

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This is the furthest I could think from my regular username (even though I go by my regular name on the discord but whatever)

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Was just a name I used for D&D a few times. No real meaning behind it.

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Just using this one to hide my identity.

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Happy Toilet Paper Roll.



So, not the famous hotdog contest eater? :laughing: Just kidding! Interesting story!

I freaking love it. How cute!

No, it is really deep and meaningful, I can totally see it :laughing: I is nice that it wasn’t already taken, though!

I’ve seen you a few times on here. I initially thought that you put in a username and it prompted you to “use a better username” and as a smart-alec you typed in “abetterusername”.

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My story is that I use to make a comic (that got lost in one of the many moves) called Fuzz and the Dragons but dumb 12 years old me could not spell dragons so I shorten it to Fuzz and the D and year later for my user name I shorten it again to Fuzzd and add 22 to it.

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My really has no meaning, it was just a name I came up on the spot with in order to have a unique username, the numbers after was the first thing to pop in my head as Seeker was taken by others.

Mine is a reference to the old webcomic “8 Bit Theater” by Brian Klevinger, his more famous work being Atomic Robo.

The comic was originally meant to be a loving send up to a lot of the old retro games of the 80’s, but instead became a retelling of the story of the original Final Fantasy following unquestionably THE WORST Heroes of Light to have ever existed.

The main human kingdom they deal with is Corneria, ruled the insane and grossly incompetent King Steve. His chief advisor and right hand man is a piece of string. Well, at least until King Steve loses his crown due to the string’s superior debating skills, at which point Steve commits an act of regicide in order to regain his throne.

His weapon of choice being a pair of scissors.

Left Hand Man Gary is, as the name implies, the left hand man of King Steve. He’s this poor, overworked and underappreciated bureaucrat stuck dealing with this mad fool of a king. King Steve has, on occasion, declared war on their two most powerful enemies (naming it “King Steve’s kickass double offensive”) and gotten their entire army slaughtered, had an entire village slaughtered to the last because too many names started with the letter “P,” had a child killed for “excessive breathing of my air,” and once referred to his own daughter thusly: “Left Hand Man Gary! When did you grow boobies!?”

Then there’s the multiple times he drained the treasury for the stupidest shi…

Point is, Gary has to put up with that b.s. EVERY BLOODY DAY. Nor can he say anything against King Steve, both because Steve wouldn’t get it, and the guards would kill him if he even hinted that the bad things happening were in any way Steve’s fault. My college room mate and I agreed that Gary had to be on some wicked drugs and/or alcohol to avoid going insane from being in that madhouse, and that he would eventually help Steve’s daughter, the rather capable and intelligent Princess Sarah, to take the throne before Corneria died in flames.

And in all honesty, the name has worked out rather well over the years. Most people have never heard of 8 bit theater, the few who have really like the reference, and because he’s such a minor character, I have yet to encounter a scenario where the name is “in use” before I get there.

my name is a mistranslation of a username I made when I was like 12. didn’t realize how stupid it is until I read it in someone else’s post.