Megaman zero fatty mission

I have plans to work on a game for a megaman zero series timeline I’ve been working on, I sadly have no knowledge on game development but know how to get things paid for, I could very easily pay for a developer but I will inform that this patron I have set up will.assist a ton with the game and the origin comics development, as I will be able to pay for the comics completion as well and start the games dev team. I have the comic part 1 paid for if any of you are willing to consider giving it a read but I would love more than anything to be able to get this game up and running. You will get exclusive content when it releases on patron.and if the artist yummysinpie allows it I might be able to get her to make all the exclusive art and allow me to use the comic on my patron to get people hype for the games beginning. I’ll give some early pages and cover for the comic and I have a basic plan for the story of zero fatty mission. Basically it is set in a timeline where both zero and weil survive the ragnorock mission cause zero destroys ragnorock before the weil event so weil never leaves neo Arcadia and zero and ciel find new ways to defeat weil, in this game there is a newly developed cyber elf that has been created solely to end world hunger and create food for both replouds and humans, however fida also developed abilities to alter fat weight due to evolving with the lust to fatten ladies and get them immobile and force fed, fida is forced to assist zero cause her powers have been used by weil to create a new build of reploids called sumo reploids reploids with the ability to alter their weight and create food weapons, so rock candy blades and popping candy blasters. There is more to do but there will be occasional bosses based on the new powers of fida the cyber elf, and new types based on the three meats, pork, beef, and chicken, also there will be a sumo form for zero and fida that allows zero to gain weight and take on the sumo reploids, there will be weight stages with a punishment for becoming immobile even though you become more harder to hit of you reach max stage aka immobile during a mission fida forced to start a button mashing minigame and you’ll have to wait a bit till fida can get you fat again. In the resistance base you can go around and let fida feed the ladies of the base, including ciel, not alllouette though. You try allouette she’ll call you a creep for tryna fatten a 8 year old. Also you can collect energy crystals to allow fida to upgrade and give you more skills in sumo form. That is all I have planned I might come with new plans if you guys want me to, but for now I plan to show you the comic page and part

When the game starts its development I’ll start showing game art and many sneak peaks. But for now my goal is to finish the origin and set up a dev team after that’s done. Here’s the patron if you wanna support its development


Let me know what you all think of the idea, I can easily pay for it in weekly times but like I said any help would improve it’s production big time, and I’ll give a demo once it’s ready if you all are keen for it

Lol I just found out now I gotta wait for patron to approve my page before I can even share you all it lol

Megaman AND Fats? Sign me up.


Megaman and fats?

Hopefully I can get the patron approved so people can join it lol, I didn’t realize that patron has to approve so i shared a bunch of websites and it only goes to my account rn lol

Oh, so you’re the dude who commissioned all that stuff from YummySinpie…I think I’ll stick with normal Mega Man, but good luck with your project anyway

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Sounds good. I don’t expect this game to be popular for many people but I’ll still attempt to get a team to help make it lol.

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patron is actually set up now sorry for the wait.

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I will inform once I have actual content started for the game I will make the patron look nicer but for now I will focus on the games production rather than make the patron look nice lol

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Ngl totally fine as well, in my story I wanted to make a alternate scenario where Ragnarok never got launched and craft was blown up with Ragnarok before Weil got to it, basically Weil was defeated by the resistance and peace is restored with Weil banished once again, and of course ciel would later find out that food is becoming scarce in neo arcadia so she makes a cyber elf designed to create food from scratch but to ciels suprise Fida does more than create food she develops powers able to alter weight as well as enhance foods calorie rate

Also more will be explained on the comic but yeah I plan to finish it before I start on the zero game otherwise my comic might be kinda spoiled lol

Also a little side detail ciel is around 19 by the comic so she’s aged again since zero 4 alternate scenario lol