Mermaid Aquarium

Congratulations! You’re fortunate enough to have your very own aquarium of tiny, hungry mermaids!

Make sure you keep them well fed, mermaids don’t like to be left hungry. Fast Food is their favorite!

But be careful, the presence of mermaids attracts deadly Sirens that would love to gobble up all your mermaids! Be sure to blast her whenever she shows up before she swallows your whole tank!

If you do a good job, things may get a bit cramped in your tank. Don’t worry, the mermaids don’t mind so long as they’re all well fed!


(You only need to download from 1 of these sources, so choose whichever one works)

Disclaimer: It’s a known issue for GameMaker Studio 2 games to be falsely flagged as a virus, with seemingly no solution from the game engine’s developers. If your antivirus does detect something, it’s most certainly a false flag. Sorry for any potential concerns there.

EDIT before deadline: Added more download links, Dropbox was getting too many download requests.


So familiar … Why am I crying?

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i can’t open the link…“error(404)”.

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Yep, your Dropbox link probably got deleted for “excessive traffic.”

Might wanna do MEGA or Mediafire.

Nice I know the games origin but can’t remember the name still nice

Hey there, i’m one of the creators friends and i noticed that the game was removed from the dropbox. we’ve been having this issue before with google drive, stating it was apparently removed for violating the TOS.

Thankfully i had planned ahead and already submitted it to different sources in the meantime in case this occurred. there’s a possible chance it might be removed again, and if so, i’ll inform the creator and we’ll try looking into it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Mediafire - Mermaid Aquarium - 2021 Gain Jam
Mega - 264.39 MB file on MEGA

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Such an awesome game! I only wish there was some weight gain gradation instead of only different belly sizes. Dear developers may I ask you to let me draw additional sprites for you with bigger mermaid body shapes? I am not interested in participating in game jam, just wanted to make bigger mermaids for this game :slight_smile:


This was really good, also welcome to :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forums.

Extremely reminiscent of Insaniquarium; in fact, I think you’re literally using the SFX and music from Insaniquarium, and might be using the backgrounds and gems, too. I don’t know if that’s kosher for Gain Jam.

The WG concept meshes well with Insaniquarium, and this game’s fun enough, though… If not a tad barebones. I suppose I’d want more, unreasonable as that might be for a game Jam.

The mermaids/fish are just as suicidal as I remember; it IS a nice touch that the siren’s stomach gets bigger as she eats mermaids, though.

It doesn’t seem like the dropbox like is working anymore

its lagit insaniquarium deluxe XD!! sounds and all omg XD!!!

Hi, this problem was already solved in the post i uploaded before. if you can’t play the game, you should be able to use the Mediafire and Mega links i put up. If these end up going down too, I’ll discuss with the creator on how to solve the issue.

Mini-review thing:

Definitely my favorite concept AND game of the jam, as of Oct 3, anyway.
Fits the jam’s theme, plays nicely, looks great. Overall very enjoyable.


  1. No labels on any of the stuff you can buy, I wasn’t really sure what the gun, trophy or number was until I bought them, though that’s probably just a nitpick.
  2. Clone of a 90s Flash game or not, clicking the gems one by one by one by one like crazy towards the end isn’t really that fun, if this gets developed after the jam, it could probably use an “area collect” upgrade, or some kind of “bottom feeder” mermaid that scoots along the bottom to collect some of the ones you miss. Maybe a click and swipe gathering system, like you find on those mobile clicker games?
  3. Whenever your food is eaten or it disappears by hitting the bottom, there’s this pretty good chance all the hungry mermaids will suddenly dash for the sides of the screen like the food had appeared off-screen somewhere, ignoring any of the ACTUAL food you drop.

Insaniquarium! Hah, that takes me back. Not a bad recreation. Could use some labels for the upgrades, but other than that a fun trip down memory lane.

I remember a similar-like application/screensaver where one of the fish broke the fourth wall and told the player “I am not a fish. Those are fish.”, or something similar.

It’s like that minigame from PvZ, but better.

This little thing is beautiful. Simple but smart, and also very very cute. You did a great job!

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it’s bad that I think of the mermaids as treats to feed for the sirens? :eyes:


I’m not crying you’re crying, it’s a blow to nostalgia based on one of the best games in the world very good game

Idk how to play this game.

nvm i figured it out i think