Minecraft Weight Gain Mod

So, this mod is based on The Fat Mod Minecraft Mod and currently I am salvaging as much as there is still left of this abomination, I’ve been in contact with the author of this mod 2 or 3 years ago and they have given me the source code for me to freely use it, I’ve decided to now start working on it and fixing as much as possible or maybe just throwing everything in the trash and to say the least the code is in quite a miserable state, there is even a big memory leak from what I can tell, so hooray for that one. So yeah, it’ll take some time till there is going to be any kind of release or beta of this, also since I am actually plugin developer and not a mod developer. Just here to throw this in the room to at least give some hope for a working Minecraft weight gain mod in hopefully the near future.

Also feel free to post any suggestions.


add another reason i should make timetravel and get java instead of bedrock


My suggestions would be to…

A.) Make the player slower and have less jump hight the fatter they get.

B.) Increase the player’s HP the fatter they get.

C.) Introduce a stamina bar that drains more quickly depending on how fat the player is

D.) Have the player take up more block-space depending on how fat they are

E.) Use a new model for the player entirely. Default MC models aren’t really that hot, if I’m being honest.


That’s a good point, up to you, I’m not forcing you to switch over to Java but this won’t be available on Bedrock.

EDIT: Also this will only release on 1.12.2 for now, as this is the most popular version for modding, since 1.13 killed modding with engine reworks or whatever and overall 1.13+ just has bad performance in my opinion, however I am not saying that this won’t get released for newer versions at some point.

For the points A and B I will say that this will definitely be a thing since that already existed in the linked mod. For C I can just say that I’ll definitely work on it but I first have to figure out how to render stuff on screen with forge, similar goes for D. E will definitely not happen as it would be tedious and difficult to do so and then there’s something like an overall theme for the game. Minecraft’s theme for the graphics is that it is supposed to be blocky/pixelated, I don’t want to break that.

First, thank you for the timely response. It’s much appreciated.

Second, I think you could delve into E while maintaining the “look” of Minecraft. I’m not saying that you have to transplant an anime girl into MC. Rather, I’m saying that you could change the model to be more… provocative? Like, pixelated, but more curvy?

But you are right, changing the model would be a lot of work, so I’ll just leave this as a moot point.

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not sure what is on the table for potential changes but here are some ideas

  • the hunger meter could get bigger and the benefit would be that the healing still starts at 8 (or whatever it is) full food icons. so you would be able to heal for longer when full

  • buffs from food/edibles could last longer

  • attacks recovery and bow draw could take longer but could also deal more damage and/or knockback

  • the attack crit/boost when falling could be stronger

  • max fallspeed could be faster

  • just for fun: when you are fat and take enough falldamage you can cause blocks to be destroyed/dug up, creating a crater where you landed

  • some base/skinny stats could be changed to make being fat more dramatic of a change (like you take 2x knockback compared to the base game when normal size for example)

@diorite do you mean that the models would look a bit like they come from a ps1/n64 game?


I could go and try to implement everything from that, but I think that the third point is sadly not possible, but I’ll try to look at that as well. The hunger bar/meter is in that term also more limited / locked away, a feature that somehow got killed (i think so at least) in later versions of that mod was that you could still eat food regardless of how full you are, so I could still take that approach, but I can’t really like make the hunger bar bigger seamlessly.

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What about that origins mod where you could become either a halfling or a slime, two of which have the potential to fit beneath blocks (heck the slime could nearly go subatomic if struck enough). The idea to change character’s model to fit through certain spaces is possible, but then again I’m not too sure how much code went into making both classes the way they are.


Oh yeah that’s true, I could try to take a look at that, thanks for pointing that out, if I find anything that’ll help me in development with that I’ll leave credits.

props to your dedication on reviving this, gatdamn. Hopefully you can find some help


There should also be an element of losing weight - like running constantly or performing different work actions (mining, digging, etc.), so that it’s not always just constant weight gain and the element of avtually getting larger is lost. Some people might just quit after getting the largest they could and there would be very little replayability.


How about the fatter you get the less productive foods will become. Like how on base a steak would recover 3 hunger bars, but depending on the stage of fat you are on it will decrease to 2 bars, and 1 then one etc.


I suppose, yes. To get a better idea, I’d recommend looking up some of the fat art for Alex (that maintains her blockyness, of course).

I’m gonna watch this! The vore mod was pretty great, I hope this comes to fruition!

Okay, so the current state of things is that I am currently re-writing everything from scratch, as I actually saw no hope in fixing that properly without throwing everything into the trash, I got some game mechanics stuff done, however the rendering / changing of the model will be the last thing I’ll do.


Alright I genuinely want to see this come to fruition. I’d probably make a server with a mod like this ngl.

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I want to mention that you can “transplant an anime girl into MC” though I’m not sure if that mod’s been updated. Well, you can use whatever model you want as long as it’s converted properly, but anime girls are used the most.

I already have that planned.

Well, expect me to join then

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