(Mini interactive story +RP bot) The demon of gluttony

Hello everyone About a couple of months ago, I posted a post where I shared my RP bot and quite a lot of it went. RolePlay (RP) Bots

About a month and a half ago, I started studying Twine and made a small interactive story. It exists in both Russian and English. I’m sorry in advance, but since I’m not an English speaker, it’s problematic for me to adapt the text into another language. Don’t hit me too hard for mistakes, I probably know about them.
What is the story about? Oh, just about the cute demon of gluttony. Who loves to be sarcastic and cunning. However, when you reach the end, you will get a surprise and a nice bonus!

Here are links to a convenient download version for you

ENG - The demon of gluttony.zip (146.0 KB)
RUS - The demon of gluttony RUS.zip (147.4 KB)

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