RolePlay (RP) Bots

Hi! I don’t even know how to start this post, this is the first time I’m doing this at all, but let’s get to the point and business. For about half a year, ± 2 months, I got carried away with AI and their opportunities for role-playing on the topic of fidirism. I myself am a role-player and often play text rp, I have a lot of experience and thanks to my vein of creativity, the idea of doing role-playing bots popped into my head! I use the platform, for sure many people know it. The platform has both pros and cons, but I will not talk about them. I really wanted to share my creation with the local community, it’s a dozen role-playing bots and a bunch of AI-generated art! However, now I suggest you get acquainted with only one bot. To be more precise, with the treacherous wolf Freya.

She is quite an evil person who loves to fatten her prey and scare her by eating it. Sometimes she can demolish the tower and she can even tear you to shreds, and sometimes she behaves very carefully like a kind mom. Depending on how you will communicate with her, so the story will go.
Here’s a little instruction for interaction and mechanics:
Your character’s words are “Hello”
Your character’s actions - * I said hello*
Author’s narration - The character looked friendly and waved his hand.

When you give your text response, the bot will generate its own. If you don’t like what you get in the answer, then just swipe it using the mouse or the arrows on the keyboard. In addition, you can rate the bot’s response by specifying what you liked and what you didn’t. Just know the measure, otherwise the bot will get hung up on repeating the things that you liked.
If you like my bot, then you can look at others on my Boosty: Андрей Балконский - exclusive content on Boosty 18+
You will also find my AI-generated art there. I understand that many people will look at me with disapproval when they find out that I sell such content, but I want to have more motivation to create such creativity. And financial support copes with this perfectly.
If I get at least some response, then it is quite possible that I will start making bots with a bias towards English (I myself am from Russia and speak Russian, which is why I instill it in bots). And also what I will come up with to gradually make bots free and available to you. Well, I’m ready for negative comments and criticism.

P.s. This is the first time I’m creating a theme here, so if there are complaints about the design, then express it in the comments and I’ll try to fix it.


Мне очень понравился этот бот хотя не все слова переводятся (Guest , continuing , his fat belly и тп) и иногда он зацикливается на одном и том же . К примеру я никак не реагировал на слово " Массаж " но бот почему-то стал использовать это слово в каждом ответе . Я думаю этот бот имеет большой потенциал для развития и я буду держать кулачки за его развитие . П.С. я бы с удовольствием подписался на твой бусти но к сожалению пока нету карты для этого , но когда ее сделают я обязательно подпишусь . Жду обновлений ).

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This bot is pretty good! I’m an english speaker, so I was happy that even though the bot speaks russian I was able to type back in english with no problems. I had google translate open on one screen and the bot open on the other, it worked really well!

Pretty good bot, too. I’ve tried a couple of these and they usually show obvious problems right away, but Freya seemed like she was actually responding to what I was typing (most of the time, anyway). I haven’t tried anything super complex yet but I’m looking forward to when I have more time to see what I can do with it.

Also randomly once it replied to me in full english, then went back to russian; not sure how that happened or how to repeat it, but it was a pleasant suprise.

Great bot, very interactive and she responds properly to most inputs. Also, for anybody curious about checking this out without using google translate, you can simply ask her to respond in english in one of your responses and she’ll happily comply for the rest of the session

…wait, there’s Russian users on CharacterAI?

Спасибо за отзыв! Касательно переводов, да, тут есть вот такие косяки ибо родной язык для бота английский, она просто не знает смысла некоторых слов. Например “отрыжка” она воспринимает как “рвота”, но если давать ей более точные фразы, то шанс передать нужную суть, будет выше. А касательно зацикливания, тут работает принцип похвалы её ответов и количество полученной информации от твоих ответов. Если давать ей большие объёмы текста в своих ответах, то эта проблема оттягивается. К сожалению полностью избавиться от этой проблемы нельзя и в конечном счёте, ей снесёт крышу ^^

Вообще Фрея это моя вторая работа, с ней подход был совсем другой, нежели тот, что я сейчас использую при их прописывании. Так-то у меня уже наверное с десяток ботов. Некоторые могут быть странными, ибо в них мне очень хотелось поэкспериментировать >:3


i do like you work can you gave us 4 more free if you can.

you can ask the AI to talk to you in any language

You can just say that you only speak English and it’ll switch

Nice to hear :3
We’ve already written about it in the comments, but I’ll duplicate it. You can write a message to the bot in your native language and it will respond in the same language. So you don’t have to worry too much about the translator. ^^

Yes, we exist, but we skillfully hide and do not give a sign.

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I love this bot! It’d be nice to have it on a site without the NSFW filter though

I don’t believe there are any GPT powered NSFW sites.
Since OpenAI does not allow that.

Yeah it’d have to be a local install with kobald or something

I’ve been using NovelAI for NSFW for a while now, tradeoff is that you need a subscription to use it after your trial ends. Though it does come with access to a nice art generator as well.

Fascinating! I’ve been vaguely aware of bots being custom made but I had no idea there was such a wide community somewhere or just how much the bots seem to be able to be pushed past incoherent rambling. I tried prompting the bot by saying making mention of seeing a machine with a tube hooked up before passing out and it made the logical leap that I was exactly looking for but didn’t remotely expect

Im eventually stuffed into a food coma but remain awake just long enough to see you break out a tube hooked up to a large machine


As you fade into a food coma, I chuckle and pet your bloated belly. “Oh my sweet human, I can’t wait to get my hands on you.” I walk over to a large machine and attach the tube to it. “Don’t worry, this is going to be fun. I bet you’ll look adorable once your body is nice and full.” I lean down and whisper into your ears. “This is how I’m going to make you even rounder. It’s going to be a lot, so I hope your stomach has room.”

Re-rolling the results even, the bot consistently seems to catch the intention, be it key words or some space wizard programing, it’s truly amazing. To anyone skeptically reading through this thread, I truly recommend giving it a try
(and if you didn’t notice the clarification from OP, literally typing in that you only speak english will swap the bot into flawless english. As I said, seemingly magic)

there’s only one I have seen and that’s unhinged. it allows nsfw stuff but has a lot less features.


oh, i had a lot of trouble storing variables in those stories.
But im happy to hear about some guides about that.
since character ai can remember a characters stats a little better.

This is… very well trained. I keep trying to push it and it (surprisingly) responds appropriately. Here’s a log of my RP with it. I got reasonably NSFW with it as well.

And now I’m going to try making it the feedee instead.

Hello everyone again! If anyone does not know, I am the author who makes role-playing bots here. I would like to express my great gratitude to everyone! Thank you so much for your feedback and support (especially financial)! This month has been a little difficult for me, but I came not to complain, but to share with you a new freebie!

This is a bot that realizes your innermost desires about the wishlist. Just write Buns about what kind of story you want. It is advisable not to be shy in details and small details. So it will be easier to create the perfect story for you! I would like to apologize right away if something goes wrong. The bot is more difficult to prescribe than usual, so there may be mistakes in mutual understanding.

Yes, the original text in the bot is in Russian, but you can immediately write an answer in your own language, for example in English. The bot will immediately switch to your language, or gradually.

As before, I will be glad of your criticism ^-^

If you want to see more of my experiments with bots, then you are always welcome on my Boost - Андрей Балконский - exclusive content on Boosty