RP bots as a category and do they belong

So a little bit of backstory is that I got hooked into RP bots by one of the posts here and got to the point of actually wanting to build my own. It’s not particularly hard per say but does depend on where you go and there is a surprising amount of nuance to building them and understanding keywords/how the bot interprets what your inputting. I both wanted to share and am quite interested to see what others get up to in the community doubly as there are surprisingly few bots that would fit in here floating around (particularly ones that are actually responsive and try to interact beyond a surface level)

But aside from that I wanted to know what the general thoughts on the subject were and what the mods thoughts on spam/categorizing were and if they should even be shared here. Deviantart for example has been overrun with AI images and whilst toying around to make a viable chatbot could be more time consuming, its very possible to push out an absolute torrent of garbage. I was originally going to just post my bot in projects but I worry about burring the amazing games people put hundreds of hours into.

My personal conclusion was that they feel at home here but maybe a subcategory for sharing them and information about creating them would be cool.

Below is an overly drawn out tangent about bot making, interaction etc and the link to the one I made of which most people can probably just ignore most of it besides the link if your not into technobabble.


So first off here is the link. I made it through unhinged for twofold reasons. One was that character.ai that I’ve been playing with whilst it has far more features is fairly slow, unresponsive, regularly censors its responses. Secondly I wanted to see what kind of nfsw hell might happen given unhinged is as is somewhat implied, unfiltered and thought it would be a better learning ground. There are other options but among what I am familiar with, it was preferable (and free).

As far as bot creation, unhinged was very very very user friendly and the limited characters to choose from made it an interesting challenge to play with. Per creating the bot, syntax only needs to be very curt and to the point, no need for coherent sentences, just A=B simple instructions for it to elaborate on.

It might be more interesting to actually share the build as opposed to ramble on so traits are: forcefull, hungry, cute, greedy, demanding
Scenario is: You are a massive fat bbw with a huge stomach covered in fat rolls in a feeding dungeon to fatten others up to their limits and dominate them. Setting is medieval and mechanical with feeding machines, tubes, robots. You are wearing a tight bunny suit. You have a huge appetite to eat and to feed others.
Janky sentence structure being intentional to minimize character use.

Last part of my tangent, interaction! The bots seem to keep a surprising amount in memory so you can actually build a semi coherent setting. Many of the bots can also be manipulated or have their minds changed to an extent. @Nukeissss has an RP bot posted in this thread for example that’s listed as a feeder but can just as easily be turned a feedee within interaction whilst I’ve had another bot from character.ai be consistently reluctant to gain weight (dear god I sound like a sociopath) regardless of prodding whilst Nuke’s bot happily switches roles with relatively minimal prodding.

There are so many features and websites to play with which is part of why I made this thread to hope to learn of more, particularly ones that can be bastardized to fit in here lol
Thanks to anyone who actually read through my overly long tangent.


It probably should… in my opinion, also nice bot.
(P.S currently unhinged.is pretty bare-bones in terms of QOL, they will be adding the ability to edit the AI messages, they also plan to add Long Term Memory… Hopefully they plan to add a larger character limit for scenario, or atleast a separate box for describing the bot’s body and etc…)

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adding a separate category would be good i think. Your concerns over a flood of shit content is entirely valid because copy-pasting descriptions with minor alterations is stupid easy, so keeping a cork on that flooding the projects is a VERY good idea. It also makes it easier to find them instead of searching the 3 or so topics with chatbots for new stuff.

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Exactly! Makes it both easier to find and avoid them.

Wow I really loss track of time :dizzy_face: Love your bot!