Missing Deviantart game(s)

Hello, my name is Seeker and I am new to the site. This is more of a question as I have been wondering about it for a while.

Once upon a time on DeviantArt there was a game where you played as a ghost servant trying to feed his Queen candy. As time went on she becomes even bigger and soon starts to shoot plasma balls at you (kind of counter-productive if she wants to eat yet is fighting as well). It was a simple game and I can’t find anything on it anywhere.

If it helps, the game is a sequel to a game the artist made already, where you are a sister feeding your older ( I might be wrong about the age) sister candy. I didn’t play that one too much but I hope it helps


Luckily for you, I happened to have the original link to where ol’ Hippinite had the game you were describing, and all their past work (from when they were Hippinite and way). Here ya go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5HVDsOl7K0eUlBEQno0bngySmc/view
“The Listopad Feeding” is what you’re looking for, folder 2014, around the bottom.


Can’t seem to open it, I have converted it and found the game but I can’t seem to open it with the flash player so it might take me a bit to actually make it work. The art however is very familiar so this seems to be on the right track.

i try to open them also, but i think to unzip the file you need a password

I unzipped and played the games perfectly fine.
Used 7zip and a flash player.

It works, thank you :sunny:

Holy shit I remember looking for this! Thanks for asking, I always wondered what happened to it!

What did you do exactly, I still can’t open it. I can put the file on the flash but it just won’t play. The flash player just does nothing.

Maybe, if they still have them, people could use SWF players to play the game. Probably need to Google “SWF Player download” first, though.

Aye, I can attest, SWF players still work for not only the games on here, but the old-old-OLD flash animations as well. Now, if only someone had an archive of Jackurai’s flash stuff too…

I’ve posted this before, but you can play flash (swf) files natively in your desktop by using a flash projector: Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads
It’s official, so you don’t have to worry about viruses or anything.