Mobile games

Are there any websites with wg games that don’t require download, games I can play using internet browser?

Nope. There really are no other sits that focus on weight gain games. The reason Kilif created this site was because of that absence.


I believe Tainted Elysium is being put online again. Also, Fatty Text Adventure Game can be played at in the page itself.

My Food Frontline game can be played in the browser, but its in very early stage right now.

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Wait… I just realized you’re talking about “Mobile games”, the games in my previous posts are Flash games, you’ll need a special browser for that, such as Puffin. Anyways, any text adventures on can be played on a phone using most browsers.

If you want to play a Flash game online on a phone, you’ll need to use the Puffin Browser. It is free by the way.