Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game

Klabautermann? That thing that showed up in One Piece?

Sea faring water kobold, huh? XD

Man, this Trello thing is pretty freak’n cool!

Hey how i download this game?

I don’t think that there’s a playable demo yet, but there is a way to watch the dev’s progress using the link a few posts above yours.

thank for tell me i waitng for game come out

There’s another gimmick that should be added: In the second game, certain monsters randomly give you gifts. These include Shiny Stones, Flowers, Meteorites, Bones, Fish Bones, and even popsicle sticks. I was wondering if a similar gimmick would be incorporated in this game.

Currently looking for some asset donations if anyone is interested: Looking for low poly 3D environmental assets
(Also some progress shots in the thread)


Man, the fact that we get SEVERAL different trainer choices, AND they actually have a gameplay impact is VERY unique. I don’t think ANY other poke-clone has done something like that.


How have I not seen this until today?

You have thoroughly captured my interest and ‘hype’.

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(In classic GDQ style:)HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE!!!

I see, the hype train is officially loading up and ready to pull out of the station.


At this rate, we may need to start a $5 donation train for the dev :wink:


I’ve stumbled in this game yesterday, and boy oh boy, you’re one of the people that motivated me to create this account. To be polite, I’ll say that you should take your time and not rush yourself to give us the best game you could make. But if I’m honest, I’d be begging you to release it as soon as possible, it looks awesome !!


I may have mentioned in my reply to your intro post, but I thought I should say it here: I find you to be a kindred spirit, of sorts. I have a similar mentality: Let the artist work, so that they don’t feel rushed, and so that the quality of the finished product doesn’t suffer. Much respect, from one gamer to another!


Choose your preferred control type: (for RPGs / 3D 3rd person games)

  • Gamepad
  • Mouse + Keyboard

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You have no idea how glad I am that you asked.

Would “Gamepad” imply a possible mobile version? Because if that’s the case, then I wouldn’t mind having both options available

both controls are available, I’m just polling to see which one gets the most attention, mobile version I cant guarantee but maybe something to consider way later on

I assumed computer. If it’s including both that and consoles, I’d go with a controller all the way.

Because im curious and you are already open to cran grils, will there be insect girls like beetles In this game? Im curious cause bug girls is a very under developed market and holds for alot of potential.

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Mosquito, Bee, Larvae and Moth atm, though you may or may not be disappointed depending on how beastly you like your monster girls, they all feature wings, antennae and the insect abdomen on the back the rest of the body is human

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