Looking for low poly 3D environmental assets

Looking for some donations of low poly 3d assets for my upcoming RPG (Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game),
it doesn’t have any backing yet so the only thing I can offer at the moment is some non-monetary rewards.

To show what your efforts would go towards here is some progress shots:



Battle System

Character Creation

As you can see the environments are very lacking at the moment:



I’m looking for things to fit the low res aesthetic, I’m completely fresh to 3D modeling so i’ll try to give details to the best of my abilities:

The game’s overall style will be similar to the Disgaea series, most dynamic things will be 2d sprites while the environments will be 3d.

I’ll be giving some references but mainly I’m looking for .obj format

Sought Assets


  • Player Home
  • NPC Homes
  • Various Shops


  • Lounge chairs
  • Beds
  • Tables
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • TV


  • Mailbox
  • Computers
  • Punching Bags


  • Trees
  • Rocks
  • Foliage


  • Treasure Chests

Drop something here or DM me if interested, I also am usually available with open DMs on discord (omega8fattyacid#9618)


I would recommend looking at Kennys stuff or at itch.io game assets for some free stuff to use


I have Kennys asset forge if you need me to cook up any specific models

Hey, It’s been a while but the need for low poly 3d models has arisen again, If anyone is interested DM or find me on discord: omega8fattyacid#9618
You can also join the game’s dev discord: Studio Whitely

I’ve gained a bit of experience in blender so i mostly need the models (.obj) and i can handle everything else on my own including texture mapping and making the textures themselves.
The aesthetic as stated before is low poly with minimal faces in the style of n64 or ps1 era games.

Much progress has been made since the last post:

I was hard focused on mechanics, code and backend but I’m ready to get back at the visuals, which is why I’m bumping this post.