Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game

I guess this post can be considered a pitch? Just checking for an audience for this. Recently been having a lot of fun drawing monster girls, I was thinking I could try my hand at a monster rancher style game where you care, battle, explore and maybe do other things with these monster girls.

Seeing as this game will already be what some circles would consider an H-game, might as well inject fetish stuff right? During the care gameplay maybe you care for your girl a little too much and she increases size?
I’m curious if anyone is interested because as far as I know, monster girls are a slightly more niche preference.

Here is a fungus girl for an example:

I can probably put together a prototype in a few days, If you guys have any ideas for mechanics please do share.

So for my current ideas:

  • Collectible Monster gals
  • Tournaments
  • Training/Raising System with extensive stats (including WG and other transformations)
  • Light exploration/dungeons

Discord Server: Studio Whitely
DevArt: howaitori - Professional, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
Trello: Trello


Sounds like a pretty good concept. I look forward to seeing it in action. Good luck Omega8FattyAcid!


This has my attention immediately. As someone who played monster rancher games to try and make the monsters fatter anyway, I would be down to try this. Hell, in a complete state I’d probably put money down for something like this.

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It reminds me Moo’s dead project. But I also realize that actually Harvest Moon and Monster Ranch are too different each other (because Wikipedia).

That do not avoid the fact that reminds me Moo’s project, because both have monster girls and animal breeding simulator (if you really want to base your game on MR).

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Just checked it out and i like some of the mechanics, I might try the gaining weight in specific parts thing and maybe some light life sim elements. :thinking:

Also here are some more monster girl designs:


oh dang dude, raising some monster girls??? and they gain weight??? :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


I was thinking: if you add the ‘gaining weight in parts’ mechanic, maybe you can use it not only cosmetic but also some kind of ‘skill tree’. No? If you want to actually add it, of course. But also that can take more developing time.

Anyways, luck.

Skill trees are already planned but i dont know if they would interact with that mechanic, I currently had in mind having weight, fitness, mobility, etc effect certain skills but the skills themselves are based on the girls species.

For example a fat slime could be taught to try and absorb/eat things primarily while a slim slime would act as normal. Or one of the melee type monsters would learn to attack with their weight.

Alright. If something do not work, just not add it. Make sure you read everyone’s ideas for this, but make sure too if they can work or not. It always helps.

It is too early, you are free to think with clarity your goal for now.

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That sounds like insteresting idea, but I am dissapointed that all monster girls looks like kids :frowning:


A fun opportunity for this project is that it doesn’t have to be solely about fattening. Different monster girl archetypes could transform in different ways.

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My interest has been peaked.

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Sorry about that, It wasn’t intended, I’ll try to get more boobs and curves into some of the base forms.

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Any ideas? I haven’t really ventured far outside of fat or Belly/Boob/Butt-centric expansions.

Besides adding specifics like each girl gaining in different shapes like butt or boobs, I’d only suggest descriptions for how big they are, based on their current weight.

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Was unable to do much today but got 1 new design:

Does anyone have suggestions for types of monster girl?


I started toying with a similar idea a year or two ago; with the success of Stardew Valley it seemed like the time was ripe for someone to pay homage to Monster Farm/Rancher in a similar manner. I had too much else on my plate to actually do anything more than theorize, though. Interested in seeing where this goes.

for monster girl suggestions if you haven’t considered them already… how bout uhhhhh
harpy, werewolf or maybe hellhound?, vampire?
cyclops, alraune (plant monster girl)?
i dunno just off the top of my head

Heres Lamia so far, gonna tackle rest tomorrow.

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these are great! this project’s lookin better and better!