Project Conquest (Monjoshi Conquest)

Here’s the official thread for the project although it is and will probably be for some time a prototype, It was alot of fun to have a change of pace from my current/main project Monjoshi.

The main additions from the Gain Jam Build are:

  • A complete and working promotion system
  • New classes of Rat soldier, Serf and Friar
  • Working abilities for each class
  • Mechanics are much more refined with new stats and balancing
  • Improved UI and animations for battle sprites

The new prototype can be downloaded on the same page: Monjoshi Conquest by Omega-8 Fatty Acid

arrow keys/mouse - navigation
lmb/z - select
rmb/x - cancel

*holding select during fights will fast forward animations
*tapping cancel during fights will skip animations
*hovering over an icon will give an expanded description of what it represents (mouse only)

Here are plans for the future if/when the game is to be expanded:

  • 6 unique rulers with differing mechanics
  • Base building system - As you progress each ruler gets an expanding kingdom with more and more features.
  • Issue system - Create blueprints for your units allowing further customization.
  • Commanders - Along with the ruler 2 other “commander” ranked units will also carry teams into battles.
  • Recruiting - neutral clans can be added to your army’s roster.

Love it! Although there is an issue that when allies are defeated it keeps playing.
The Rat King died and I didn’t get a game over.
Otherwise, this game is awesome and am super keen for the next installment of it

Loved playing this, glad to see it’s being continued

One issue, might be something on my end though everything else seems ok, and i did try the old version again before posting.

I went to play the new version and everything is kind of small and pixelated. I can’t find the graphics settings anywhere but the old version shows up a fair bit bigger, this one seems to be compressing the game window which is causing pixelation.

Any way to fix this on my end or is anyone else seeing the issue?

Quick edit, certain text like the fighter’s passive also gets cut off but I don’t know if that’s only due to the resolution being wonky. I did also play the extra mission. No troubles with anything really, though I never did try to use the fighters extra skill, it didn’t seem like there was an incentive to use what I assume is a bleed? That got cut off too, it was limited to 1 line and I couldn’t even see the full name of the status either inflicts/grants, let alone what they do. The effect of having scrap also doesn’t fully show other than you get a stack sometimes. Last thing, using fruit on another unit doesn’t make them move apart like feeding does so they just kind of stand on top of each other.

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Just uploaded a patched version, a fully dead team should certainly trigger a game over now, I hadn’t made it so the king falling would trigger a loss for now so although it’s weird that part was intentional.

Also fixed all text descriptions so they should fit in their boxes. forgot to add that if you want expanded descriptions hover your mouse over the icons for a breakdown.

@cs-m The resolution was reduced from the previous version because I felt it was way too large for what was being presented and the text was changed from the engine default style because the blurriness compared to the rest of the graphics bothered me a bit.

I’m not getting any compressed visuals but I’ll wait a bit for further feedback on it and see what I can do.

me gustó es de los mejores juegos entre en mi top 3 de mejores juegos.

While I’m excited for Monjoshi still, this game just takes the cake. It’s so much fun for being one level! I really hope you do more with it, cause this thing has a ton of potential

Yeah I gotta agree this is pretty fun and I hope you continue with this.

I can already see the min-maxing, tactics, and combat triangles forming. These games are a love-hate relationship with me. I love strategy, but sometimes the complexity scares me so. This is a project I can definitely guarantee I’m keeping an eye on.

i know this isnt a very important ask or anything, but the game speed seems a bit too slow for my liking, like clicking a unit then where to go slowly scrolls all the way over to that location, if you could make that faster that would be amazing

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@Needle_Bodkin You’re right it’s been bothering me too, I was gonna mess with that a little more but decided to stop short, a full version would definitely have a map speed option and an optimized cursor, I also wanna improve the fast forward (which probably some people missed so I’ll add more to the OP).

If it could work weight should also be reflected on the map sprites along with a complete battle skip option.

On the topic of strategy,
Right now it’s not well explained but the available attack types are currently:
neutral, assault, snipe and fire

the idea was that every unit would have a pair of weaknesses, physical and elemental except neutral which will never see advantage or disadvantage.

So for example lamia would be weak to Electric and Snipe and maybe resist Blast and Assault.

Combat Power is weighed against the opponents and will add bonus damage based on how much more the attacker (it doesn’t reduce damage do so don’t be too afraid to attack enemies with higher power)

Attack rate is based on how many individuals are in a unit x2 so the rats who move in packs of 8 will dish out 16 attacks at full HP while lamia will strike 10 times since they move in 5s.

The downside to larger packs being that they get weaker much faster as knocking off 100 HP will reduce hits by 2. ever unit currently carries a base of 800 HP so the individual unit count divided into that will give you how much HP the damage penalties trigger at.

Units like the rat king and pinky since solo will hit at 100% attack rate until death this is planned to be normal for all commanders.

Defense is a base of 1 star which means nothing, you can get additional stars from terrain and buffs up to 5 stars cutting the enemy’s base damage more an more as it increases.

Counter On the unit’s status card there’s an orange icon next to the move stat which represents counter if enabled they will return attacks if they are within range.

Counter Rate right now is a hidden stat but it decides how much attack rate is granted during counters all units right now are 50% so at full health would return half the hits they would dish out at max. (most counterattacks aren’t at full health though obviously so this would be a rare occurrence.)

HP All units have a minimum of 800 Max HP as explained before this decides the attack rate during combat. Units with increased HP don’t benefit from more attacks but can take more hits before reducing attack rate. So a rat troop with 1000 HP from an upgrade/buff would be able to take 300 damage before seeing penalties. the limit is currently 2400 but you’ll probably never see it in this prototype naturally.

These are not directly explained in-game so I’ll drop em here too, the move types:

Normal Moves (orange): simply target an enemy to start combat

Beneficial Moves (green): target an ally to assist them, currently doesn’t end turns but that may change.

Heat Moves(red): target enemy to start combat, if you use at heat move without stock (fat on unit) the heat
move will burn the units HP otherwise it will burn the stock.

Spells(purple): instantly cast on the map usually, will have a variety of different effects but will only be available once a day during the mission. At the next morning phase they are recharged. (so sitting on them too much is a waste)


Fixed a bug that prevented vertical movement after leaving the hub section.

I am also aware of the previously reported bug of dead units causing the turn to have to be ended manually still existing, I decided to leave it as is since I’ll be messing around with how fallen units works in the future.

Looking forward to it friend.

Love how the game is developing, can’t wait for higher weight levels to be included and visualized. Would be cool to see a defense/health buff at higher weight levels, also would help upgraded units stay alive longer.
I don’t think the game speed will be an issue as the gameplay expands and you have more units fighting each other. Especially if you include a sandbox/skirmish mode.

After trying this out yesterday, I have to echo this critique. Compared to the Gain Jam entry, the font looks grainy now.

Also I was noticing a couple of “ictory” instances, leading me to suspect there’s some cropping due to resolution.

Might just switch back to HD resolution later, will have to adjust some UI though, The text has massive loading problems with the current methods.

main problem i had was due to the way the engine worked being hi res caused the whole map to be drawn farther out so details in sprites matter less, but i might just draw the map sprite similarly to how i draw the battle sprite in the future.

A slight nitpick, but why redesign the HP gauges to have gaps at the start and end? It feels a little misleading to me, such as in the below example where it looks like the unit has lost two ticks on the gauge instead of just one.


Wait what? What even IS that?! XD
Where’s the health loss? From the left? right?

true, I’ll have it improved later when UI and resolution are HD again, I was experimenting with different sizes and quantity of ticks but dropped it since I decided to stop a little sooner, I think a segmented gauge would probably work better with what I have in mind.

I really like your game! What do you think about adding burp sound effects when units it? Or even a special move involving burping :slight_smile:

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