Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game



Heres Lamia so far, gonna tackle rest tomorrow.


these are great! this project’s lookin better and better!


Kobolds… Kobolds everywhere, Drakes and Dragons, werewolves, Minotaurs, Dullahans, Leanansidhe


Here are some WIP designs from today:

Gonna slow down with the spoilers for now.


Well, for my personal tastes I would like to see centauress and minotaur girl :slight_smile:
By the way, your drawing looks AWESOME!


Some floral girl (pick Spriggans from Skyrim or Florans from Starbound for example) would fit good, I suppose. And good luck with this project


THe designs remind me of My Lovely Daughter, except less homunculus and more Wholesome


Don’t give us too many spoilers, but this is something I would be very interested in!


Its been about a week now so heres some updates:

Unfortunately the prototype is not in a very playable state yet but some things have been changed. I’ve adapted the idea of having life sim elements and they have gotten much bigger than I thought they would.

Here is what I have so far as far as the ranch goes.

So, I’ve added to major features:

  • Year cycle + Time system
  • Homestead customization + farming
  • Town(s) with interactable NPCs which you can build relationships with.

Outside of managing/taming these monster girls,for some WG centric fun you will be able to change other characters like maybe convincing a NPC your fond of to gain weight along with participating in community events like eating contests, festivals, holidays. Pretty much Harvest Moon Weight Edition.

I’ve made much more progress in the battle scene, which I’d say is 70% finished.
Battles will take a pokemon like perspective but with a bit of a twist. Since the monsters are doing the fighting you can only suggest their next move. But with training, you can teach them new talents and increase your ability to give direct orders.

Battle scene so far (WIP)

From the feedback I’ve gotten so far, most people seem to be in favor of having the monsters fatten up uniquely, So I think I’ll go with that model. I came up with the idea of “inclined” types of monsters.
Like the kobolds above in the screenshot, they are the same monster but one is a “belly inclined” type so If it were to become bigger the transformation would be more belly centric. Im gonna start with 4 types:

General: The monster will gain weight evenly.
Belly: The monster will grow more in belly area.
Thicc: The monster will grow more in butt/thighs area
Blessed: The monster will grow more in the boobs.

Along with the growth paths, each path will also include at least 3 states of stuffing. Which will be visible during combat and on the map. So you will have a variety of forms to explore.

For the weekend I’ll continue to work on the project at a more gentle pace (So i won’t burn out) I’ll probably focus on art for a bit. But next week I plan to have it playable at least and start to flesh out the training portion of the game which will play out like monster rancher.

Edit: Forgot to add, does anyone feel the need for a male player character? Since NPC interaction and romance is a larger feature maybe people would enjoy RPing as someone more relatable.


That’s some very impressive progress.

I really like the artwork.

Keep up the good work! (at your own pace of course)


gotdam what you have shown has honestly blown my expectations outta the water! i love the artstyle and the layout and well… pretty much everything! good luck with the project i’m rooting for ya! :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:


Boy howdy. This looks promising! Now, let us pray to the lords of fatitude that this won’t be abandoned… Remember to pace yourself, Omega! I have faith!

Also a male player character would be nice.


Wow, this is coming along nicely. It also looks pretty ambitious and expansive. Anything that we can help with?


Not yet, I want to have a working prototype first to make sure I can have the game playing as intended, once the framework is there we’ll see how big this can go.

Right now I’m working on the training/raising systems. What stats would you guys like to see outside of the combat based ones? Already got weight which is a major one.


i don’t know if this will be redundant, but how about an appetite stat? dictating how much the monster girl can eat?


Sounds good, I’ll add it in. I’ve also come up with a few new ones:

Overweight: Will maybe be displayed as a percentage, This is how far above the average weight a girl currently is.

Fatigue: A stamina bar of sorts that will reduce their combat output when empty. And will have a multiplier based on “Overweight” stat, meaning heavily overweight girls will reach full fatigue faster.

Fullness: How filled the stomach is granting a small bonus when balanced, When overfilled it will temporarily buff Weight stat, When empty it will add a small debuff. This will maybe also have a correlation with “Appetite” Stat.

Condition: A parameter that will affect overall performance, may be modified by things like what the monster ate or how much they ate.

Ive also changed former stats a bit:

Mobility: This effects a variety of things but in combat, it effects atb speed. I’ve made it so that mobility correlates with Weight/Overweight, After a short grace period ( about 25% of their average body weight) the mobility stat will suffer a penalty for every of 0.25% per point in Weight stat.

This also makes it so girls who are heavy on average can retain mobility longer while something light and small from the start like a pixie will feel the penalties quicker.

Weight: Its primarily a contextual stat but I’ve made it so every point in weight adds +0.15 to a HP multiplier. So heavier girls may survive quite a few more hits.

Gonna try to work more on NPCs/World now, can’t keep focusing too much on combat. So here’s my next question: What type of girls(human) would you guys like to see in a modern small town setting?


i’ll give my hand at some worldbuilding! here are some ideas:

  • how bout a motherly bartending lady for a supposed saloon?
  • a scientist girl that can produce potions/hormones that change stats?
  • a monster girl fanatic (maybe can act as a funny encyclopedia to all the monster girls?)
  • ehhhhh im guessing there’s an item shop or two so how about some ladies to man them?
    (maybe if there’s two shops have the owners have a bit of a petty feud)
  • howzabout an oracle lady that does some fortunetelling some stuff?
    i dunno how fleshed out you want your characters but hopefully this gives some ideas!!
    good luck!


If you put in any form of catgirl pet/character, I will help make this little slice heaven a reality, in any way I can. It already looks adorable as a concept, and to contribute to the discussion further.

Firstly, I would love to see the ‘Overstuffed’ effect implemented. More of a fleshing out in regards to ‘Fullness’. This effect would render the character immobile until they rest and digest the meal.

And, perhaps it could be hastened through belly rubs, or specific items? :wink:

Attpting to help on the art front, herea reference image for a potential cat monster girl:


this looks great so far

what if there was a center where you can pet your monsters
like with things like “pat” “poke” “rub” “touch” the monster should react differently depending on
friend levels how fat/full it is , its overall feeling(a little far at this stage) and where something is happening

this also can be used to check if a monsters is sick


I like it, I already have the base for interaction with monsters in the homestead so maybe I can add that in down the line.