Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game



So here’s a quick status update. Currently, the prototype has:

  • 17 monsters (15 unique, 3 variants)
  • 3 Monsters can be captured and raised.
  • A system to Interact with caught monsters on the homestead. (Though it’s not fully fleshed out yet.)
  • A very basic building mechanic for the homestead.
  • A working day - month - year cycle.

The only thing missing for a proper demo is an actual open area to encounter some wild monsters so I’ll get that done asap.

I’m really slow with pixel art so there might be a lot of placeholders.
Also, male player character has a design now just gotta make the map sprite.


Guys, I’ve also decided to open up a discord server for more seamless feedback, suggestions and inquiry, I’m on 24/7 so you’ll be able to contact me anytime.


Don’t know if this mention, will the monster in this game have gender like have male or female or just female?


Just female, the theme is that all the world’s creatures were unnaturally given the form of human females.


Oh thank for reply this question.


It seems that your discord invitation has expired.


Will a demo version be released, or are you planning on keeping us in the dark for most of this? Also, when is the release date (just a ballpark guess if you aren’t sure)


Fixed them, should be permanent now.


The project was started right after i created the thread so a full release will take some time, if i was to dedicate all my time I’d say late spring to early summer 2019.

As for the alpha version, I decided to delay it a bit as it doesn’t have much to show in its current state, I’m gonna try to have it playable sometime this week.


Can you do a skunk girl monster sometime?


Are you willing to send more pics of the characters/monsters?


I want to minimize the spoilers since its a partially “monster collector” and part of the fun in that genre is finding new ones, you can check my devart, pixiv or twitter for some and I might make a spoiler channel on the discord.

I’ll also start posting the previews here. These are the most recent additions:



Guys, I’ve made a little survey to help me with direction:

If you have the time please fill it out, All responses are visible after completion.


And I do hope you flesh out slimes as much as the rest of 'em, that’d be good.


I’ve been designing slime girls since way back in highschool, I can promise there will be a wide variety :wink:


Hey, good to hear. Expect more interrogation later!


I wanted to ask if it is possible to catch nine tails?
it is one of my favorite monsters^^


That sounds like a good boss monster, I’ll probably add down the line. And yes everything you can fight can be captured.


Just wondering is anyone against full nudity? I’d like some monsters to maybe have exposed breasts. Might sound like a silly question but some people love their fetishes delivered wholesomely.


I saw what you had planned for the rat creatures, I’m not a fan of it but I know some people are. Your call on this one.