Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game





Some or full nudity definitely wouldn’t make me enjoy the game any less, maybe even more in some instances.


I’m gonna guess that last pic is one of the mimics, leveled up?


Another type, I’m only sharing base forms.


Is there any immobility stage, or no? Is there some peak to what they (the monsters/characters) can gain, weight-wise?


It will depend on the anatomy of the monster. like I posted earlier, some types are more inclined to become very fat while others will have a more idealized look like gaining unaturally in the boobs/belly/butt that’s why there’s more than one model for common/popular designs like kobold.


Not sure if I can do that. I might forget to do so.


Just took that survey, excited for the game!


I’m curious to see where this will go :wink:

Take your time and have fun with your project :smiley:


Sorry for lack of updates, Some of the mechanics have been a lot more complex to implement than I thought but things are progressing.

Here’s a little preview of some of the homestead/life mechanics:

When you tame a mushroom girl, fungi will start to pop up around the shady spots on your homestead. Playing and interacting with her will produce spores increasing the spawn rate. You can sell, cook, eat or use them for synthesis or gifts/feed.

Different monster girls will help you with different tasks, In fact, the player can leave almost all labor to them, Get a dryad to do all your gardening have a kobold or behemoth hunt, Have a sea-based monster fish.


Just wanted to say that I’m really impressed by how much this is taking shape, and it’s really cool to see how creative you are with the monster designs, and that some of them will have lots of different variations.

So keep it up, you’re doing great!


Can’t wait to try out the Alpha release


same , since it looks great so far


Absolutely love the idea so far and can’t wait to see where it will go!

Obviously, take your time with it, I expect a project like this will require alot of time and effort but as long as you are enjoying it I’m sure no-one will mind waiting who knows how long to play even just a demo.

Best of luck to you! :+1:


Newest gal is the biggest yet. :meat_on_bone:



So what does this dog girl do?


Didn’t have anything in mind, shes designed to be like the popular depiction of a kobold there will be more special kobolds added later.

Or you can catch that one and train it into something special, right now shes spec’d like a quick fighter.


Aren’t Kobolds reptiles tho?


Depends on the universe some times their more dog like and some times they are reptiles. ether way they are usually a mix of adorable or creepy.


The mythology allows them to take just about any form but yeah, in popular media its doglike or reptile. Though the earliest depictions were things like a human child, goblin or gnome.