Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game



So I guess the lizard representation of the Kobold will go to either a skin or a Lizardfolk Monster?


actually I believe the reptilian kobold became popularized by DnD and the Canine Kobolds are from japanese media, though if I’m gravely mistaken someone please correct me


It will be its own monster, by skins i think you mean the variants? like how there’s 3 dog kobolds of different base sizes? I’ll probably have the lizard kind have 3 base forms too.


kobold in JRPG usually mean dog-like men , but kobold in other type of game is mean lizard Man.


Do the game have pregnant mechanism for the monster? If it is can it mix breed with different species?


I was considering something like this, but wasn’t sure how to implement it, maybe through some crazy medical experiment.


Doing a pregnancy system is easy really if you do monster people with both genders. Just have a breeding area or something like a Fire Emblem relationship system, and then add items that can help get the monster girl to become pregnant with even more babies.


Yeah but there’s no male counterparts in the game’s world (And i wouldn’t wanna draw those anyway) the monster girls are formed by supernatural forces. But I’ll probably have something thought out by the time I’m ready to implement that system.


That wouldn’t make sense tho. I mean, you said this was a Monster Rancher like sim right? If there is gonna be a breeding system, that means there has to have been a natural origin. Otherwise, you could just use this supernatural origin to create as many monster girls as you want, and that wouldn’t be fun.


In monster rancher, they are created using a kind of ancient technology and crossbred using machines too. But part of the fun in that game was also generating the monsters using CDs, DVDs and later on codes so it’s kinda part of the design in that game to be able to acquire the monsters easily.

Was just considering somehow incorporating pregnancy to appeal to people who love that. For example, something I’ve seen in a lot of fetish art is slimes impregnating mammals by shoving themselves inside a female and multiplying. Even if they appeared unnaturally they still have aspects of physical anatomy from human women so there’s room to play around with that.

Also new monster:



slime girl :heart_eyes:


On the topic of crossbreeding that doesn’t involving thrusting, you could have monsters who are in good standing with you give you an item unique to it’s species.

Then that item could be infused with something like an “Impregnation Vessel”, that you then give to another monster that you’d like to become pregnant with the other monster’s offspring.


Yeah, and this could allow for new hybrid monsters as well that combine traits from both parents, as well as better stats.


So if breeding does become a thing, I think it would be a good idea that newer generations with their better stats could also get even fatter and bigger than the last generation. It would give a precedence to get players to breed and mix creatures so they could get better and better monster girls.


Do the weight affect the stats in this game?


Since its a sim type game I took it as an excuse to go ham with the stats. Weight being its own stat already effects other stats such as mobility, HP and power. There’s a ton of different stats that all affect others in some way,

Size (Measured in CM)- Is how tall the girl stands, This makes it so there is variety in sizes of the same monster you can get a smaller or bigger one.

Weight (Measured in KG) - How big the girl is, It increases HP and slightly increases power while decreases mobility after it starts to increase too high above the median.

Body Fat (Percentage) - This stat affects the Insulation stat and slightly increases HP.
:arrow_up_down: (Opposing stats)
Lean Mass (Percentage) - Effects physical defense and slightly increases power.

Insulation - Reduces incoming elemental damage.

Different monsters have different optimal diets and are susceptible to different sicknesses.

A giant rat can easily be overfed while a behemoth needs a lot more food supply for the same effect.

I plan to add more physical condition based stats down the road. Maybe body measurements?


Okey but what about muscle?


Thats lean mass but i guess i should rename to muscle to avoid confusion


And do this game have the event like encounter someone?


You’ll be able to meet other trainers/ranchers in the open areas.
You’ll have visitors and random encounters on your homestead.

And you’ll have a whole town to interact with and build relationships in, with harvest moon style festivals and NPCs which have daily schedules and goals.

I also plan to add an arena later on which will hold weekly and monthly competitions.