Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game



How about the information display for the monster?


You can walk right up to them or use the status menu? If you mean a bestiary i haven’t started that yet.


Well I meant for status menu. Anyway how it look like?


Weekly and monthly competitions? How will that be handled?


For Monster Girls who get much, much bigger than the others, will their space on the map change to reflect their gigantic mass?


Body measurements like those from Fatty Text Adventure are always appreciated. Gives better context to how big something is, and sometimes it can be hard visualizing.


The game works on a time system with a full 365 day calender, So i can set it so the Arena holds special fights or other competitive games every sunday or every “X” day of a month.

It depends on how large your speaking, Currently have no plans to have extreme sizes like having their body stretch across the map or making them become blob-like, but yes if a character is especially large compared to others they should occupy more space.


Will you be able to customize the ranching area with different environments, from regular plains to weird environments like tundras and volcanoes?


Not sure, maybe if enough people want that, the homestead is already affected by seasons so it might get weird.

Heres a new non spoilery update:

Mostly been doing work on UI and finer field mechanics, which I know isn’t the most exciting kind of update but I’m sure it will improve the feel of the game when everything comes together. I added a set of drawer menus for quick intuitive interactions, one being a menu where you can check the status on monsters live:

Gonna add a few things like being able to check the stats and conditions instantly.


I’m glad you’re putting work into making a nice and clean looking user interface, it looks really good!


i do agree , its contently worth the wait


where can i play this?!


can’t, still in development


Heres a sample of our status menu as of now:


Will you add some inorganic monster in this game?


like robots? or golems?


Yes, something like that.


yea but the stat isn’t about the monster type but their body metrics, for example the mimics chest would count as inorganic material.


I am guessing the Gel Membrane is for slimes and ghost monster girls?


Didn’t even think of ghosts, might make them 0 everything, but i gotta build some mechanics around them first…