Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game



Hey is this game still continuing progress?


Yup working on UI still, some things are being revised.



Hello, sorry for the silence, hard to update multiple forums efficiently.

latest UI update


The Ui looks awesome


Dang dude this is starting look incredibly fleshed out! i hope you aren’t driving yourself too hard for this. here’s hoping everything will turn out ok!


Eager for trying it!!!:joy:


Took a while but the party and box systems are almost in order.

Battles are also shaping up, fights will mostly consist of 3v3 though when fighting in scenario/dungeons you will have to clear multiple waves.

I’m also scrapping the idea of lessened control over the monsters for a more traditional approach, instead the player will charge their own gauge seen below and will be able to interfere with the fight with items, special commands and ultimate moves.


The 3v3 aspect reminds me of Monster Rancher EVO