Monster rancher-like sim/rpg game

Hey is this game still continuing progress?

Yup working on UI still, some things are being revised.

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Hello, sorry for the silence, hard to update multiple forums efficiently.

latest UI update


The Ui looks awesome


Dang dude this is starting look incredibly fleshed out! i hope you aren’t driving yourself too hard for this. here’s hoping everything will turn out ok!

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Eager for trying it!!!:joy:

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Took a while but the party and box systems are almost in order.

Battles are also shaping up, fights will mostly consist of 3v3 though when fighting in scenario/dungeons you will have to clear multiple waves.

I’m also scrapping the idea of lessened control over the monsters for a more traditional approach, instead the player will charge their own gauge seen below and will be able to interfere with the fight with items, special commands and ultimate moves.


The 3v3 aspect reminds me of Monster Rancher EVO

Making the last few touches on the storage system (kinda like pokemon boxes)

At some point there will be separate boxes for proper organization, but for now, 1 huge box of 2000 slots.


How have I not seen this thread until now?

I really like the idea and how the UI and art are turning out (even if the UI is a little simple right now)

I do have to laugh at you mentioning thinking monster girls are “niche” in the OP though lol. You apparently do not realize the size of the possible fanbase for this

Anyway, if you need any ideas for what kinds of monsters to include, feel free to hit me up. I’ve wanted to try designing (non-kink) Pokemon/SMT-like games with monster folks in them so Ive got like a bunch of lists of different kinds and ideas


Wow just found this, very interested! Looks like it’s got a lot of potential!

OMG this looks absolutely amazing! Is the muscle/fat actually going to be visually represented on the characters though? When you have this many types of characters and views of them (both front and behind?) that seems a little unsustainable lol. Really wouldn’t want you to get burnt out

Fat is currently visually represented in 2 stages, no plans to represent extra muscle or anything currently.
Base forms are meant to be the fittest forms, As far as what you can see so far:

Normal (Base) -> Large (+50% avg weight) -> Extra Large ( +100% avg weight)

and then there are transformations which are a larger part of the combat mechanics. Currently, only stuffing is implemented but they are 4 level states (also visually represented) that modify stats temporarily. at the highest levels (4) the character will usually be unable to fight so its like an alternate KO state.

Stuffed: Inflicted by feeding and/or force-feeding.
++HP regen, +Weight, -Mobility

Inflate: Applied by abilities or spells.
++Blunt Resistance, --Pierce Resistance, At level 3: Immunity to “Quake” type moves

there are 3 Others I haven’t planned out their effects of stat wise.

So what you get per monster in the end, should be around 60 different looks which sounds like a lot but probably isn’t as bad as you think apart from the 4th level a transformation is pretty much just a redraw of the base, like stuffing would just be the same sprite with a progressively enlarged belly. The 4th levels are the maxed out/ immobile versions which will feature unique poses.

The reason for delays is more because of other mechanics which I’ve had to build from scratch myself. By default the engine I’m using is for pretty straightforward classic jrpg style games so I have to set it up to handle things.

  • Disposable party members, storage system, and easily moving them around in the party.
  • Capturing enemies and converting them into a party member.
  • Designing a battle system around the theme of “transformation”
  • Coming up with a semi-unique skillset for every monster (somehow the most brain-busting)

It’s better to get the Infrastructure out of the way first so that content delivery will be nice and smooth.


Sound really nice take youre time you do a great job. :slight_smile:

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