Music to Stuff By: Stuffing Playlists!

I, like I would suppose many others here, enjoy pairing music to my stuffing and feeding escapades, and it got me curious if there are any particular songs or tracks you enjoy stuffing experiences with or, like me, you have compiled a playlist for fitting the various moods and situations.

I’ll post a few tracks, and please feel free to share some of your own! (Also note, this isn’t about finding explicitly fat-related songs like Weird Al’s “Eat It”, “The Bigger the Figure” etc per se, although if that is your jam more power to you!)

I also think it would also be interesting to draw some parallels and dive into the question of “what makes for decent stuffing music” but for now let’s let the music do the talking! :grin:

:stop_sign: Also I should add that, what with this being a sharing of personal tastes, this is a judgement-free zone so I would like to ask all to refrain from making any pointed comments as to people’s music interests. Let’s just have fun with this!


not quite the same but whenever I listen to most songs in this album Owl Vision - Downlord [Full Album] - YouTube I get fat wibes from it. I don’t know if that is because the first time I listened to it was when I was playing the tribal hunter demo, causing a connection to be made, but now if I hear similar music my brain thinks of fat characters similar to the one in tribal hunter.

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Ooh, I like it! There is something about the unrelenting, driving nature of techno and industrial that works well with stuffing, especially when you consider the darker, grimier themes that can be employed and explored within this niche.
From Owl Vision, I’m reminded of the previous Gain Jam entry “Super Juice Guzzle” for its weighty techno/industrial soundtrack which I adored at the time.

To hear the music in question (vid courtesy of SquirrelGirlDGT):

Those were some good jams. I remember giving it a very high score for music.

For something a little different,

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