Super Juice Guzzle

Hello! I’m a long-time lurker, first-time poster & game jam participant! This is a game called Super Juice Guzzle that I made in Unity. It’s my first Unity 2D project, and my first Unity project period that could be called anything close to finished!

UPDATE! I’ve added in a quick and dirty click-and-drag system for minion selection, which feels a lot better than the old system.

UPDATE 2!! Another quick one just to add in a better explanation of the mechanics before level 2, when they become relevant. You can click on a work station to set the nearest minion to do it, or click and drag from a minion to a specific job.

Download 1.11 here!

The game (heavily inspired by a popular franchise of plumbing simulators) is about managing the production of juice via stomping, with workers of variable (increasing) weights. Larger ones are more efficient juicers but aren’t as fast when moving between jobs.

I started out thinking it might be an idle game of some kind, but it ended up being a level-based puzzle/management thing. It’s about figuring out the winning strategy and order of operations in changing circumstances. Hopefully it’s at least moderately interesting!

Also includes music by my talented boyfriend and two VN-esque fetish scenes featuring inflation and femdom!

I feel pretty comfortable calling it finished, but playtesting hasn’t exactly been robust. Let me know if there are any issues and I’ll see what I can do.


one issues I have its very hard to command set jobs right. I want they heavy ones handleing the jucing but the half the time the lighter ones will jump on then I have to cancle the job 3 times before the heavy minions get on with the lighter ones taking the role. maybe a click and drag system so you can tell that worker to do that job

and maybe the new sizes could have new animations. like butt checking a tree to harvest fruit or just jumping and doing a ground slam to shake the tree and get fruit


I really enjoyed this! The art was well done and the game was fun to play. I also appreciate that you didn’t force people to play the whole game twice to see both endings.

I did have some difficulties with getting a specific pigs to do specific jobs, which was fine for most the game except the final level. I feel that the timing is a bit tight on the final level so a single misclick of sending your heaviest pig to store a jar didn’t feel great. Perhaps a click and drag for a command so you don’t accidentally select another pig when giving a command?

Overall I think it is a very well made game that fits well with this years Gain Jam theme!


You can click on a minion to select them, they should be highlighted in magenta. I might not have communicated that very effectively in the game itself. It might not be the most responsive of systems, either.

I like those suggestions! I was trying to minimize the number of assets I’d have to produce while making it, so in particular the picking is a little bland.


The selection system definitely isn’t as robust as it could’ve been. I might revisit that.

I did the highlight system. it still gives my problems. it seems to just auto go to the closest no mater if I click a minion or not

I’ve added a click-and-drag selection system in 1.1. Thanks for the feedback!

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Wow, that was a fast implementation! I tried it out on the first level and it feels a lot better.

This is a cool idea! Management sims are severely underrepresented in weight gain games.

But the last two stages are really frustrating, the final one especially, I can’t even get close to finishing that one. The quota is just way too high. And the controls are hard to work with, clicking and dragging feels like it doesn’t work half the time, and just clicking often sends the wrong minion.

There’s a specific strategy I’ve found to beat the last two levels which is different from what’s required to beat the other ones, though the timing is still a little tight.

I realized that I didn’t really put any documentation on how the controls are supposed to work either in the game or my post! Clicking on an open job sends the nearest minion, and clicking and dragging from a minion to a job assigns that minion, specifically.

A interesting idea. maybe after the gain jam it could be developed more. but maybe more as a idle management game.

Kinda agreed on the idle game thing, there’s too much juggling going on as-is.
Maybe after the Jam is over, keep the first few levels completely manual, but you unlock something to help with automation after that.
NGL, I kinda lost interest on the third level, managing all the workers was way too tedious for my interest, TBH.

This game is a bit rough it is kind of hard to select a minion when they are next to each other and the Click and drag works sometimes but I have to say this is a good idea and I hope you play around with it and make it in to a longer game.

I played and it’s pretty sound. I don’t think I encountered any bugs, but I did encounter some frustrations by virtue of how the minions interacted with the environment. It’s really easy to
have a smaller minion “fit” within the same area of a larger minion and that loses precious time.

I also had difficulty having the larger minions to stomp and make juice when they were already standing there from the previous attempt. I’d commonly end up with one of the small jar deliver’s taking her place and that was fairly annoying. I managed to get up to round 5 after only really losing once on the way up to it but I only got up to 20/30 for the final threshold and stopped trying as you gracefully gave us a “skip to the ending” button.

In the ending, the two choices are sort of sticking out on each side of the screen prior to them appearing as a dialogue choice. Not sure if that was intentional but it’s a little silly to see them (and potentially click on them?) when the choice for it is so close to showing up anyway.

Juggling all of the minions was a little fun but quickly grew to be frustrating as a result of the stiff minion interactions. Nothing like the slow fat minion you set up to crush grapes and have it slowly waddle over to the jar across the map. lol

Maybe if I was better at micromanaging the timer I could’ve cleared stage 5 legit but the issues currently make that threshold of 30 pretty harsh to reach.

Also an observation, I expected being able to eventually have two minions smushing fruit into juice after the notification of two minions picking grapes but was a little surprised to see that not be a thing. Possibly think about making it a thing?

Micromanaging as a game design decision definitely has promise in this fetish field, and it’ll be cool to see it being implemented into the future with the issues being ironed out.


Thanks for the well thought-out response!

I spent a lot of time making sure the different tasks worked well together and ironing out bugs both game- and tone-breaking (being able to place multiple jars on a tub making it think it needs one less than the quota, minions getting stuck standing on a bucket until a tub is empty, telekinetic fruit-picking), but the actual player interaction with the minions could’ve used more work.

The ending choices sticking out is a result of the player being at an unintended resolution, probably? I believe I set it to be locked at 800x600 so that kind of thing doesn’t happen, and I can’t reproduce the issue on my end but I guess that just slipped through the cracks.

A lot of people seem to be having trouble with the final level. It’s a little bit much. One strategy I’ve found is to have every minion but the heaviest two filling tubs and placing jars, with the two heaviest switching to a fresh tub as soon as they’ve finished with one, but the timing is still really tight; my best time has been ~50 seconds remaining.

I had planned to have more than one on a tub but decided against it in the name of narrowing the scope; that’d be one of many refinements in order if I revisit this. Also cancelling assignments of carrying stuff, which I had set up to be possible but decided not to try and implement to focus on other stuff.

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It might not have been the best idea to double down on micro-management as the focus of the game when it’s probably the weakest element. I had thought about gradually introducing automation but opted to try and do manual assignment-based gameplay first, then decided to work on making the game around that rather than add more features.

If nothing else the final product is a relatively-solid baseline for future projects to work on!

I’m generally not one for management games like these, but the relatively limited number of levels was kind of a boon here. Did find it pretty tricky, losing once at level 2 and once at level 5, but in the end was able to get through it (barely).

Cute premise and execution, pretty enjoyable.

Edit: meant to add that the soundtrack is solid too. Good mix of bit-tune to fit the plumbing theme and industrial for the gameplay.

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People have been all over the mechanics, so I just want to say that, thematically, the touch of growth to go with the weight gain is exactly up my alley, and the premise and writing are pretty cute too!

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I know how the controls are supposed to work. The problem is that they DON’T half the time. If you just click on it, it always chooses the worst person for the job, and if you try to click and drag, everything is so mashed together, especially around the juicing area, you can’t drag onto the right thing without taking 5 seconds of pixel hunting.

If there’s a ‘special strategy’ then it’s not clear at all. The last level is just obnoxiously hard, period. I think you’re aware of this if you actually decided to put a ‘skip’ button in. Why not just make the stage winnable without perfectly optimized secret strats instead?