Super Juice Tycoon

Hello! I’m reallyexists, you may know me as a person who posts approximately once a year to participate in the game jam. This game is yet another sequel to Super Juice Guzzle and Super Juice Bar.

Its an overly-elaborate management sim game (shocking, I know). BUT, it is also 2.5d, which is new.

Download Super Juice Tycoon here!

It’s got some femdom stuff! Physical domination by the corpulent! It’s my thing that I do.

Exciting features:

  • Hand-drawn sprites!
  • Polygons! UVs! Normal Mapping!
  • Fat pig girls!
  • Fat food-based life-forms!
  • face → butt!
  • No new music! Just old music! Sorry!

This project killed a scanner and a computer, and YOU could be next! Now get back to work!


Eyyy, I love the Super Juice games! I’ll look forward to this one!

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Nice game.

The trick is :

  • You need twice more tubs than trees. (approximately)
  • You need pigs as many as a sum of trees and tubs + 1 for the stand. (approximately)
  • You’ll need only one extra storage at the second part of the game.
  • Do not forget to pause the game while placing objects.
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Fun little game - just a couple of notes. First, I couldn’t see a way to not have a purchase selected, meaning there would always be a placer circle present unless I kept my mouse over the speed options.

Second, I don’t think I saw a quit game button?

Other than that, it was easier than prior entries (aced it in one) but that might just be because the higher-level management is something I’m a bit less incompetent at.

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The middle mouse button clears building selection! I meant to add a popup for this and I completely forgot. It was kind of down to the wire last night.

The in-game quit game button is something I need to remember is appreciated, also! There is not one. It wants to live, damn it.

And, yeah, I think this is probably the easiest one I’ve done. I was concerned that it might be too complex, and it’s (theoretically) possible to soft-lock yourself with bad building placement, so I tried to make it pretty forgiving. Also had planned on making a Bad End cutscene but ran out of time. Consider the game-over screen an easter egg.

Yeah, this is pretty much it. I approve the publication of this Prima Strategy Guide. Glad you enjoyed it!


Love it! Your game last year was a blast and this one was great too. Second the popup or instructions on how to clear the selected thing.

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This game needs more love! Not only is the art and character design with its paper cut-out design just lovely, the music (as always in these games) is a bop and the game itself is a fun and breezy management romp.

I love how the game now recognises that it’s an established series and plays on that with gags and continuity - few game jam games can boast that! For the other games in the series check here:

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I reached Fearsome rank after hitting maximum demand and it presented me with the fail ending where you don’t get enough money. Is that a bug?

(Edit) Never mind, it seems it was indeed a bug. I pressed continue and after the stage ended again it played the proper success ending.

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A little easy, but still a fun little game. I do wish there were a way to move buildings afterwards to make things a little more efficient, and the ever present “moar content plz”, but it was fun figuring out how to efficiently place stuff as you went along. I like the fact that it took the ideas from guzzle and really amped up the production rate while letting you not have to micromanage everyone.

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I didn’t realize until after submission that the continue button just gives you an extra day after the two weeks are up. Technically a bug, but also works as a continue from game over that isn’t restarting.

What seems to have happened is that you were sightly below the threshold for victory and that extra day pushed you over the edge. I think I’ll go ahead and call this intended behavior!

Glad you enjoyed it!

I decided to focus on other stuff rather than implementing destroying/moving buildings, but now that I’m thinking about it moving them would’ve been relatively simple. Maybe in the sequel.

The decisions the minions (and buckets and jars, which decide for themselves where they want to be taken) are making under the hood are very similar to Juice Guzzle! The biggest difference is they’re referring to a list of jobs ranked by importance rather than waiting to be told their next move.

Wooo! More Super Juice! Loooove seeing this series every year. And yeah, I agree with Chubb that it’s a bit easier than your usual work, but still a strong title. I especially appreciate the up close view you can get this time around since nothing’s funnier than watching your little juice stand operate and then a giant purple bar appears in your face - or a pig lady lightly bouncing in place.

Even with the difficulty decrease, there’s something incredibly satisfying in growing your juice empire and having huge pig and food ladies stomping around all over the place. And the cutscenes! Adding props to the beginning and ending scenes not only helps the comedy a lot, but also - well - pretty much everything really.

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In glad you’ve enjoyed them! I’ll keep making 'em if you keep playing 'em.

A lot of effort went into getting the main gameplay loop smoothed out, and I feel like it turned out pretty fun even though it’s not very demanding. That is, even though you aren’t guaranteed to lose on the first try.

This game is sort of the culmination of a bunch of Unity/game dev stuff I’ve learned, including 3D modeling! I made a 3D Birusa model a while ago that I planned on including (probably as a statue or something, she’s not really ready for prime time), but the file was lost when my computer died halfway through development. Everything else was backed up though, so her sacrifice was not in vain.

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First Round Scores

Jux Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 50.0
Use of Theme: 50.0
Art: 7.7
Writing: 6.7
Music & Sound: 6.7
Mechanics: 6.7
Game Concept 7.3
Use of Fetish 7.3
Judge Preference: 7.5
Wild Cards Attempted: 1.0
Admin Wild Card: 0.0
Patreon Wild Card: 0.0
Community Wild Card: 3.5
Total: 154.4

Alex Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 50.0
Use of Theme: 50.0
Art: 8.5
Writing: 7.5
Music & Sound: 8.5
Mechanics: 8.0
Game Concept 7.5
Use of Fetish 7.0
Judge Preference: 9.0
Wild Cards Attempted: 1.0
Admin Wild Card: 0.0
Patreon Wild Card: 0.0
Community Wild Card: 5.0
Total: 162.0

Roops Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 50.0
Use of Theme: 50.0
Art: 8.0
Writing: 5.0
Music & Sound: 7.0
Mechanics: 4.0
Game Concept 7.0
Use of Fetish 7.0
Judge Preference: 0.0
Wild Cards Attempted: 2.0
Admin Wild Card: 0.0
Patreon Wild Card: 2.0
Community Wild Card: 3.0
Total: 145.0

Final Score: 461.4