Super Juice Bar

Hello! I’m reallyexists, I haven’t been around much since I submitted Super Juice Guzzle for last year’s game jam. This is the sequel to that game!

Like the last one, this game is heavily inspired by a popular franchise of plumbing simulators. It’s a time-management game where you are tasked with sating a horde of increasingly-demanding cute pig-things, who desire ever-increasing quantities of delicious juice (with increasingly diverse additives).

Also like the last one, contains lots of juice-centric weight gain, driving music and a VN-esque femdom ending sequence.


Also features “Chill Mode” which removes timers and prevents customers from leaving, so you can just vibe and enjoy the content without getting stressed out.


Nicely done! the only nitpick i have is the lack of an option to quit while in fullscreen! But that game got me hooked!

Certainly does make the blood pumped as i try my best to keep up with the orders!
Thank you for this experience!

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Cool game for sure, played and beat it on the chill mode since I was kinda multitasking, but it was still fun.

It’s a bit finicky sometimes trying to set the cup down on the table, it’s a little picky about the vertical axis, I guess. Too high and you accidentally click on one of the patrons, too low and nothing happens. Kinda icky in such a frantic game

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good game, good jokes, good gameplay, bad buttons.

you you have the buttons work on press and not on release they would feel better.

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I hit a bug on the second in-game day that prevented me from clicking on any of the interactable objects. Hovering the cursor over them didn’t highlight them or alter the cursor, and clicking did nothing.

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I probably could have looked more carefully at the fullscreen options in the Unity player to make it a smoother experience, but I really just wanted to upload a serviceable version and go to bed.

That’s a good point. There’s almost certainly a way to get that kind of behavior out of Unity’s UI system (which is what all the gameplay is built around), but I didn’t think of it at the time.

Near the end I was concerned more with getting all the content I wanted in there, which I pretty much did. The core interactions could certainly have been more refined, but I think they ended up more than adequate to facilitate the rest of the experience.

i got this bug on the final day

Great sequel to the last! I quite enjoy these pig-things.

As was stated before, the juice buttons were hard to press. I was also hoping for a 4th weight tier for the patrons, but the game is still charming without it. Thanks for making this.

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That sucks! Playtesting of the final build was pretty minimal, unfortunately. Does it happen consistently?

going back to the main menu didnt fix it, but closing and reopening the game did

The game is funny, the idea works very well but what is funny is that I work in a store and thanks to this game my Store PTSD kick in for a bit.


Love this sequel, keeping the same vibe that I loved from the first one while improving the control scheme drastically. Occasionally I would miss a click when I though I was over something, but it was never enough to make me miss an order. And I super appreciated not being able to give someone the wrong order so I could put stuff on the counter without having to worry about that.

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This is pretty great I really enjoyed the gameplay and art I just wish there was a sprite viewing option. also, is there a place where I can follow the dev?

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A solid game! A delightfully lively soundtrack and fun characters, old and new. “Chill mode” was very much appreciated as the gameplay, though simple, was a hectic grind that, along with the at times unresponsive hitboxes, proved to swiftly overwhelm me :confounded:

I’m curious as to the theme interpretation as it felt very much a hands-on experience in making the drinks for the customers, but that could just be me.

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The final build is definitely less responsive than it played in the editor. That tiny bit of mouse lag has a huge impact. There’s a lot of stuff that could’ve been done to help it feel smoother, but building the .exe was the very last thing I did before uploading it.

I guess my take on the theme is kind of an agency thing? The player character (and by extension the player) has no say in what happens, only reacting to the customer’s demands and being judged according to their whims, in an accurate (I think) simulation of working in the fast food industry.

But, yeah, you do literally make the drinks with your hands, and hand them to the customers… so, I guess I’ll fall back on the “open to interpretation” thing.

Glad you liked it! I’ll have to consider that as a feature for future projects. At the moment, this is the only place where I (sporadically) share any of this kind of work. So, here, I guess, sometimes.

interasting idea but even in chill mode it’s a little too foucsed on the drinks making i hardly noticed any gain on the minions. a gallory after finished or a “free Mode” where you control how many are in the area or just like one lone minion going from small to blob would have been nice


Gods I loooved this. Very simple idea with great execution. The natural difficulty curve here really works wonderfully and it feels like it probably got playtested a lot of times to achieve what we have here. My desire to read everything was constantly working against me as we got to the final days, but by then I was also getting a rhythm to what each minion would order in terms of cup size and the likelihood they would ask for seconds… or thirds… etc. Got fun later on when by the final day the smallest of the minions were picking up the… habits, of other minions when we add those additives. Kinda wished they would ask for a size up if you got to thirds with them, but I understand that would also likely add an unexpected difficult wrench to things when you can reliably predict what size they need and start filling for it. Having Babs and BB show up to force a quick order is a nice change of pace too.

I also ran into the bug after I gameover’d on the last day, so I’d say whatever’s generating the transition between UI to game might be causing it? I think I lost after the last minion decided staying wasn’t worth it, so it’s possible the level transition might be part of it too? Just general thoughts I guess.

There were a couple things I would say the game could really use for a general QoL improvement, maybe a little change between the three sizes so they wouldn’t just be bigger but maybe marked slightly differently too to differentiate a little easier. When things got chaotic on the final day, I very nearly started putting the wrong additives into the wrong size. It might also need a sort of “distraction” mechanic that you can use if you screw up an order and need to redo it so you can keep a minion from leaving. Like some sort of sweet or something that would refill the meter but cause it to redrain faster or something. It might make the game a little too easy? But just a thought.

Overall, a big step up from the last game, felt a lot more within my control where Juice Guzzle felt like I was one mistake away from failing the final day AGAIN. Helps that loss condition is constant rather than a quota. Though that does lead to a different effect for certain. And also the ending is stellar too (though admittedly I was hoping for another ending where the protagonist would end up getting bigger too like Guzzle did, still, the ending we got was superb and the extra art at the end was a great bonus <3).

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First Round Scores

Jux Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 500
Use of Theme: 0
Art: 77
Writing: 68
Music & Sound: 75
Mechanics: 78
Game Concept 75
Use of Fetish 77
Judge Preference: 69
Total: 1019

Grimimic Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 500
Use of Theme: 500
Art: 73
Writing: 85
Music & Sound: 86
Mechanics: 86
Game Concept 77
Use of Fetish 98
Judge Preference: 83
Total: 1588

Squirrel Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 500
Use of Theme: 500
Art: 85
Writing: 81
Music & Sound: 71
Mechanics: 73
Game Concept 71
Use of Fetish 83
Judge Preference: 79
Total: 1543

Final Score: 4150

This game is a lot of fun and now I’m a fan of even more pig girls. I did notice one bug, after losing a round when I continue I couldn’t pick anything up. Maybe the game though I had something in hand already and I could put it down. But I got around it by just going to the main menu every loss. I may wanna do fan art of those pigs eventually.

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