My Complete Translation of Alice's Obesity Diary

I did my own manual translation of a Japanese game named Alice’s Obesity Diary (in English)
My translation took two days so that I could not only translate literally everything to English but also to fix the majority of the grammar mistakes upon translating.

A lot of the text got rewritten to seem more understanding.
If there’s any words or grammars I missed or even any mistakes that I didn’t see, feel free to leave a comment explaining the error and I’ll fix it right away,

(I’ll upload it compressed in a minute, so just wait a bit)


Make sure that you extract it using bandzip. just open the program and choose Japanese before extracting.

Otherwise some files will go missing if you don’t.

Don’t want to be a party pooper, but the first error seems to be that there is no game in this thread.

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That’s what I was thinking but maybe it’s because he wrote it before he finished to upload it ?

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Sorry mega took so long to upload

Enjoy, and I hope I didn’t miss anything but if I did feel free to let me know

cool good stuff! Quick question, what’s up with the differently colored wall on day 5? I assume it’s another ending, but idk what to do with it

This file contains two copies of the game nested within each other… is it supposed to? it’s quite likely one set is your version and one set is the original but as they’re just accidentally nested so that one copy is inside the www folder (of course then containing it’s own www folder) it’s tough to tell which set of files is the mistake/duplicate…

Is it just me but when i extract the game it is not in english.

i really don’t understand how to unzip the game, it always sent me an error even when i’m using badizip

Use bandzip and before extraction put it in Japanese.

that’s the thing… even before the extraction is done an error apear…

That is quite strange because I was able to extract the game and play it.

If you want I can give you a zip that does not need bandzip for you to use.

Wait I remember you, I saw you at the pantry raid v4.

Suddenly short game for such huge file size.

At this point i’m everywhere XD

please! it will be much easier for me

the zip file contains two copies of the game, that’s why it’s so large, as I mentioned above :-/

It’s supposed to be a hint about a secret upon loading up the game for the first time. As for what that secret is you can click that same section of wall where the differently colored wall was in the first room upon boot up for a couple more endings as well as explanations for the events that happen throughout the game (for better or worst)

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