My Dear Fallen Angel II (Endings released + Announcements!)

Howdy, everyone!

The endings update is live!

I have decided to work on an expansion for My Dear Fallen Angel II! Work will begin on that once I have caught up on all the weight stages still missing in base version. I hope to release the expansion before Christmas! (Dec 22 edit: I’m going to have to push this release to a different date. most likely coming out among the first weeks of January! Please look forward to it!)

It will simply be the same game with an extra story to explore after the credits, where this game’s Special Ending can be obtained!

Summary of planned features in EX version
  1. 6 new party members (5 having Weight Stages)
  2. Rematch versus the Elite Fiends
  3. New battle mechanic (use your party’s combined lvls as a resource!)
  4. Random mini-events that feature interactions involving maxed out characters

I have also opened a Patreon for anyone who wishes to support me on my journey to create free Weight Gain games! My current goal is to reach $300 a month before the end of the year, and $1500 after all of the Wave 1 games are released!

On there, you can view Wave 1, aka my future plans after the expansion of My Dear Fallen Angel II!

Lastly, I have updated the Survey with the new added content! Please update your responses and, if you haven’t already, fill out the survey! It helps me out a lot!

  1. How do I 100% the gallery?
    If you have beaten the game, you are most likely missing the weight stages from ‘Rare Event’ encounters.
    By increasing your Rare Card chance with items and/or by being in Hard Mode, you can increase your chance of encountering the ‘Strange X’ card while Apple Picking or Fishing. (X being ‘Thorn’, ‘Bee’, ‘Urchin’, etc) By encountering the same card at least 3 times, you can begin earning weight stages for their respective character! Repeats after the first 3 will earn more Weight events.

  2. Which characters currently have weight stages?
    Currently all age 18+ female characters besides Valentine and Milit. Though, at the moment, some characters have placeholder text for their events. Enemy characters do not have weight stages!

My Dear Fallen Angel II


Survey and credits have been added! This version of the credits are a temporary addition until the endings are implemented.

The results of the previous game’s survey were crucial to the development of this sequel so please fill them out if you have the chance! Also, I will add extra weight stages as well as focus on scenes to characters who over and underperforming in the survey!

Thank you for reading and playing my game!

slowdown on some fights, and the niodimon soda scene keeps repeating itself, infact, multiple scenes repeat themselves even though they probably should not, the niodimon soda scene is an example

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I have hotfixed a bug with counterattacks a moment ago. That may be what you are referring to. Let me know if that solves that issue. As for repeated weight stage scenes, I believe that may be the placeholder text I I mentioned in the main post! I will have that updated by tomorrow! I will double check just make sure, however.

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no, the entire game slows down when selecting attacks

Well’p not sure if it’s a bug… but it took me 4 hours to complete on normal mode… and not a single one of my characters gained weight? Could only get Valintine up to level 5.


Hi! Started playing the game, it’s a bit too early for me to give constructive criticism but I would like to know who are the NPCs that can gain weight and which ones are the ones that are planned to, so I don’t spend my resources on an NPC that doesn’t gain. I tried feeding Iris a lot because I love her design and personality but she stopped gaining EXP at level 5, which made me a little disappointed…

EDIT: Unless weight gain is unlocked at a later part of the story? Even Valentine won’t gain EXP anymore despite not hitting max level, maybe that’s it?

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Seems like there’s an issue where party members you cook for won’t get xp unless they’re in the party/top4. Even then the sister wouldn’t level for me.

Only character I saw gain weight was nio, and I don’t believe I even found the placeholder text.

Unsure if it’s bugged or just work in progress that nobody gains.

Dunno if this is helpful but Valentine also didn’t change despite getting to level 100.

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Yes there’s a currently a bug where lvl max is stuck at 5. I should have that fixed very soon along with the list of bugs found on the devpost!

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Currently, Niodimon and 5 characters tied to Rare card events have weight stages. NPC weight stages are unlocked after the first major story event!

Ah, I see, so none of the party members have weight stages then? Also if you don’t mind potentially spoiling me, what is that first major story event? I thought I had seen it but apparently not

About the time Niodimon changes her form.

1st round of today’s bug fixes have been released! Patch notes on devpost.
edit: just re-uploaded the game again (in the last 5 minutes) to include a fix to backrow allies not gaining exp

When she becomes flat? That’s already happened and I don’t know what to do now

Have you purchased any blessings? The upgrade lvl of the blessings are tied to her weight stages

Just a few, I’m still not quite sure how I’m supposed to get the currency to buy them :sweat_smile:

You should receive currency for her shop each time a unit lvls up!

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Also, I have discovered that her stages are bugged at the moment! I’ll have that fixed in a minute!
edit: okay, this update should have that resolved!


hey nem, how do you get the ‘THEM’ encounter, or the abduction encounter, i used to be able to get them, but now i cant get them to spawn

The ‘THEM’ card appears starting on day 7, the ‘abduction’ card is very rare to find without upgrades that increase the odds of rare cards appearing. Hard Mode also increases your luck