My Dear Fallen Angel II (Endings released + Announcements!)

Weekly Devpost time!

Hi everyone! Here’s this week’s news for My Dear Fallen Angel II!

  1. This week I have added weight events for Valentine’s Mom and Reco alongside weight stages for Limit and Poco! They now also have battle portraits that feature their level up artwork! Any placeholder text in events will be finished after the endings update that should be going up by early Sunday at the latest.
  2. If you had frequent crashes affecting your gameplay last week, hopefully those are fixed in the new build! I recommend deleting old builds you may have before downloading the new one!
  3. After the endings update, I will be opening a Patreon to begin making a living off of my games and to fund even more free game releases! Look forward to a road map of the games I have planned!

Thank you for reading and playing my games!
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edit: endings update pushed back at least a day, so now Monday! just a heads up!


The current download is broken:
“My Dear Fallen Angel II -GRID Prism- PLUS\www\audio\me\Fanfare1.rpgmvo” is broken

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Do let me know if you get that error again after a fresh download. (make sure to delete any older builds you may have!) I have downloaded the build on itch, but did not encounter the error!

I have updated the main post with new information! Please check it out!

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Biggest issue I have is that when apple picking it seems the farmer gets hit with all the damage.

That plus his low health pool makes things rather annoying at best. I would honestly suggest making it so that the character in the first position slot takes the damage when harvesting if you can.

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Harvesting might seem a bit tricky at first, but there are a lot of items to help make it more manageable! You might already know this, but there are items you can buy (like the apple scouter) or create through rituals that allow you to see threats before you click on them! If you finish days early, your party heals more HP and don’t forget to use cooking to heal up!

About the animal/fish girls and Mr.s thorn, their weight gain tied to apple sales or finding them over and over again? As for clearing hardmode, do I keep the unlocks in say, .45-1.0 if I did so in .40 version(s)?

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Rare event girl weights stages are tied to how many times you encounter them while harvesting after showing them their respective gem! They currently have 2 stages each! If I understand your 2nd question correctly, ending unlocks should persist into future updates. You have to carry over your ‘sync_data’ save file to new builds, however.

i got the bad ending, but the game said i unlocked the waifus from the first game, where are they

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They join in new playthroughs around the same time the Farmer in Red joins in the story!

thats the funny part, they did not

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Thanks for letting me know! I forget to put a save reminder after the endings, which are important in order for the player to save the unlock! This will be fixed in a minute! Sorry about that, but you will have to get the ending again! I’ll edit this comment once the build is updated in a few minutes.
edit: should be fixed now!

Weekly Wednesday Devpost!
This week’s My Dear Fallen Angel news roundup:

  1. Earlier this week, the endings update was released! Check it out! Just a few moments ago, I also added a patch for a few bugs that popped up!
  2. I have updated the main post with information about my future plans for the series and a small F.A.Q.! Please go to the top of the page and read it if you are interested!
  3. The endings update does not feature any weight content yet! Once the starring characters receive their weight stages, I will update it to feature some weight-gain related dialogue!

Thank you for reading and playing my games! You guys have been amazing with feedback!
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Would it be possible for you to upload the new version on Mega for me? When i try to download from the download randomly stops all the time and doesnt even finish

Have you ever looked into possible fixes Post by leafo in Can’t download files - or contacted itch’s support Questions & Support - It sounds like something on your end might be preventing you from downloading (firewall, browser extensions, the browser itself, etc.)

is endless mode still here?

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You can continue playing after the good ending. The bad ending forces a gameover.

I predict either this game (when fully done) or the next one, the girls may get even bigger than before.

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In the expansion coming out by Christmas eve, Valentine’s max level cap will be increased! As for other characters, I will definitely be checking the survey results for inspiration!

i cant seem to get the good ending, how many points do i need to stay under to get it, this is getting frustrating

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