My New Roomate - by Pink-pebble

Hey all, just wanted to bring some attention to something I found on It seems the artist Pink ( is working on a visual novel. So far it is just a brief demo to introduce you to the setting and the girl the story follows. However, they have advertised that there will be weight gain, expansion, humiliation, and some other taboos~
If this sounds up your alley I’d recommend keeping an eye on it. I like their art a lot and the demo while brief was cute and has me interested to see what comes next.
Link to current build below:
My New Roomate by PinkPebble
If Pink happens to be on WG and wants to make their own post I’d happily take this down or something lol.

@PinkRusty is on the site and they have already linked the game here. My New Roommate (DEMO) - Projects - Weight Gaming

So I’m going to close this out to avoid confusion.