Myre’s Massive Mealtime - development (v0.586 - 6/29 wip ice cream)

Myre’s Massive Mealtime is a visual novel featuring my character Myre Kamerina (Pronounced my-ree). She is the impossible sweet, kind, and enthusiastic owner of her own ice cream store. Those who have previously read her stories (Found here) already know about her insatiable attraction to her own belly. And making it bigger.

Well, Myre’s Massive Mealtime takes place in alternate universe. A more indulgent one. And you get to be the one to guide her eating habits.

All the writing is and will be done by me, Juxtaterrestrial.

For the art I’ve commissioned the amazingly talented, generous, and all around cool dude: @clinko_clinko

As the image above says, the goal is to get Myre to eat as much as possible. You do this through a wide range of dialog options. Each conversation choice you make unlocks hidden paths that unlock menu choices and dialogue options down the line. If you bring up ice cream now, then you can talk about ice cream more later, and unlock the option to get her to eat ice cream. Alternatively, if you choose to flirt with Myre, maybe you’ll find your date simply willing to order big meal choices on her own.

You’re not feeding Myre, you’re finding ways to make her feel comfortable enough to stuff her face. She already wants to gorge on all the delicious food. You just need to give her permission through alternating conversation choices and food choices.

For version 1.0 I have three endings planned, representing just how much you can get your date to eat. I’m not writing this VN to have one clear best path. Rather, there will be multiple paths to unlock the biggest endings.

How can I play this now!?

Well, See this thread for details about the DEMO release: Myre’s Massive Mealtime - a stuffing game (v0.37 now with android)

Besides that, Myre’s Massive Mealtime is in alpha. It is a partial rough draft. A WIP.

If you want to financially support the development of the project you can pledge to my Patreon:

As a reward for their gracious support, Patrons who pledge 10 dollars or more can play an early build of Myre’s Massive Mealtime right now. The tier is meant for people who want to support and are interested in very rough, buggy, unfinished versions of projects. As I get more writing and polishing done, they will get later WIP builds.

Update history:

v0.586 (6/29/24)- Revised ice cream app, added wip ice cream art, feedin animations too
v0.585 (5/29/24)- Revised spicy wings appetizer and added some variations to it
v0.5845 (4/28/24)- 2 year update which i was sick for lol
v0.584 (3/29/24)- Extended feeding scenes through apps, comically small placeholder art
v0.583 (2/26/24)- ~2k new words, sample platter eating rework, eating frequency setting
v0.582 (1/27/24)- ~finalized big and huge steak art, pose revisions, new Myre faces
v0.581 (12/26/23)- ~1k new words, big steak and table art, start feeding rework
v0.58 (11/27/23)- ~1k new words, new player comment choice, polishing and revision
v0.57 (10/24/23)- ~5k new words, finished dinner options, tons of new poses
v0.56 (9/26/23)- ~4k new words ,more bis steak, 2 new closeup belly size sprites, new BG
v0.55 (8/28/23)- ~3k new words (40ktotal!) Big ass steak
v0.54 (7/25/23)- 2.5k new words about steak, and outline for more steak
v0.53 (6/25/23)- 6k new words and android version
v0.521 (5/26/23)- 1k pasta words, outline, smear animation, revisions
v0.52 (4/24/23)- 2k words, an apron toss animation for work outfit, revisions
v0.515 (3/26/23)- 1k words, 3 new expressions, revised early sprites + bigger belly
v0.51 (2/21/23)- 3k more words about spicy burgers, 2 more composite poses
v0.5 (1/24/23)- An art, 2k burger words, revised belly and appetite talk
v0.495 (12/27/22)- Food art, Myre self feeding animation, hybrid poses
v0.49 (11/24/22)- More words, background ambience, feeding Myre animation/art
v0.42 (10/22/22)- 2.5k more words talking about Myre’s belly and appetite
v0.41 (9/22/22)- Added SECRET CAMEO waitress. Art for cameo waitress, and writing for the cameo. +3k words up to just under 20k total
v0.4 (8/16/22)- Added burps, tummy sounds, gulps and slurps, content toggle options, and 3k more words
v0.35 (7/21/22)- Revised all content, added 3k words, 2 backgrounds, 1 music track, polished interface
v0.3 (6/22/22)- 3,000 more words, new art : 2 new emotion poses, 1 close up reaction image
v0.2 (5/20/22)- Added sprite changing , and more content (eating oriented)
v0.1 (4/18/22)- Initial release

Download here:

The visual novel currently has character art for 9 emotions with 3 stuffing stages each. There will eventually be at least 3 ending images as rewards. Additionally, Patreon funding will partly be going to paying for more art assets. I already have quite a collection of additional art I’d like to put into the project, (including custom music). So pledging really helps with that.

Here are examples of what kind of art you can see:

and stuffing examples:

My goal is that this is not just one project, but the start of a series of visual novels. I have post release content planned for this project, but after that I want to use the assets and support to make another visual novel. Then another.

Additionally, My patrons get to see my other content a month in advance. Join now:

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this is the scenario that i enjoy best :slight_smile: cant wait to see it and if you need any ideas feel free to ask lol


What an inspiring artstyle! Very familiar and warm. Also, a big fan of the premise. I feel like that is more rare, when you have the girl stuff herself. That honestly is my favorite thing that I wish I saw more of.

I am excited to see where this goes.


Yeah i thought there was something familiar about it too! I can’t quite put my finger on it. =P

And yeah, I think there is something very fun about a girl wanting to eat more. And I want to bring more content like that.


i’m actually really interested by the art design and with what little setup for the setting you have so far, i do have this goes well and far

It’s interesting as it would seem that you’re not feeding Myre in the conventional sense but instead “feeding” her thoughts by implanting certain ideas and mental cues in her head through suggestion.

I’ll admit that there was a slight niggle at the back of mind of my initial take on this, clinko’s superb visual presentation aside, because it felt like the player would lack for agency. What does a player need to do for a feedee who wants to eat but is constrained by not being allowed to feed them? Common convention in games where you are dealing with a willing feedee is that the challenge and subsequent gameplay loop involve finding or obtaining sufficient enough food to sate their appetite.
Without this, the game sounded like a more conventional date sim where the goal is to simply have an enjoyable date with your partner who happens to enjoy food. Fair enough, says I. But then the stated goal is to eat as much food as possible…

The line here gave me pause:

As, when faced with a choice, why would I say “no” to food choices in this instance?

That’s when I came to the realisation that it’s a “food hunt” of a different sense, navigating conversational topics and keen observation of one’s surroundings to steer Myre’s thoughts towards food and the acquisition of it right then and there, all whilst still maintaining an enjoyable date. If I’ve read into this rightly then the challenge for the player becomes more apparent and makes a lot more sense overall.

It seems like a potentially fresh take on feeding, or dating as a modern day feeder more accurately. How oily and manipulative does the player dare to get in their persuasion efforts? An aside, but it brings to mind the MC from The Weighting Game who is quite the charmer in smoothly persuading Alice to gain through subtle and innocuous suggestion (kudos to Tiggertoo and his writing chops there!)


I liked craving control for this same reason

To give a little bit more detail:

there are some conversation options that are available as a baseline, but they’re pretty standard date stuff.

Then there are 7 paths you can unlock. None of them are super manipulative, but I guess a couple can kind of be considered that? There is an [Enable] path that allows you to be like “Yes can you refill my lady’s drink again please? Oh yeah and definitely bring out extra fries”. But there is no way to threaten her or anything haha.

It’s more like a situation where you know something, and the other person knows something, but you’re both worried about being the first person to acknowledge that you both know something. So, in this case, Myre is trying to be the sort of proper and polite woman for the first date, and your goal is to show her, or get her to realize that it’s okay for her to eat like a pig.

Does that make more sense?

For example, I think i still have in the outline that one of the standard main dinner choices is to just order something really big for yourself, with the logic being that if her date partner (you) ordered something really big then she can also order a big entree.


Ooooooh! Does that mean you might be at least considering a mutual stuffing route? Like, by the end both Myre AND the player are stuffed to the gills? Becuase I think that would be really cool if so!

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I’m not sure how far I’ll go with that. It wouldn’t have art as the player is just not depicted at all. At best I’d call it implied mutual stuffing.

Who am I, to say no to another stuffing game with @clinko_clinko art?

The project looks amazing and the idea is refreshing.
I’ll definitely give it a go. Best of luck with developement.

Please, tell me there’s an option to say that you overordered, and can’t finish that :pleading_face:.

I don’t specifically have anything like that. One of the paths however does involve splitting stuff though. I wont go into more details to avoid spoiling.

But there is a lot of stuff taken from her story series. So anyone whose read it will be happy to find, lets say, familiar choices.

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are updates going to be monthly? or every two months?

Yes, one of those.

The goal is one of those. It could vary. But I intend to have another build put for patrons next month.


Above is the outline of the larger structure of the story. Very straight forward. The green box is the content already released. The blue box is the content I plan on working on next.

Besides that there is some code related stuff to be implemented. Flags for unlocking paths, and the structure for changing the displayed sprites based on eating status.

Additionally there is also revision of existing content(green box).

Edits and revision are where the real magic happens with writing!


I asume that this was the answer to my post.
I ment it a half jokingly, the parts that have been revealed give me a kind of familiar feeling :smiley:. Just go about it your way, and it’s bound to be good.

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clinkoclinko x juxtaterrestrial is a dream team. color me hyped

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There will definitely be a new WIP build next month for patrons.

The goal is to get most of the blue box in the replied post written in the next couple weeks. I have all the choices stubbed out and waiting to be filled in.

That means that there will actually be some actual fetish content in next month’s build. Personally I think flirty dialogue where the girl talks about eating in a coy way is fetish content, but what I mean is that there will be the possibility to actually have Myre eat and see her belly grow.

I got the basic structural elements I need to have the VN work.

Here are a couple screen shots for fun.

Proof that she can get belly now!

And here is a couple funny screen shots from development:

She too big


She too small

Anyway, writing continues! 10$ Patrons should have another build in a couple/few weeks!


lol, that pic of her shoes. I’m sure someone out there’s all like:

No. SOCKS. :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:

Nah, she just wears those really short socks. This was actually a conversation I had with Clinko

Wanted to give a status update!

I should have an update ready for patrons in the next week as expected.

I have the introduction and what not done for each of the appetizer option. All that is left is the eating sequences to do (two variations for each - for reasons). I did one today, so I have 5ish left (that’s unclear because one of them will be reusing content from the others).

I also wanted to share a preview of a fun bit I made today. This is from the sample platter appetizer option and you’re feeding Myre various things on it. One of the options the restaurant offers is a Parmesan cheese ice cream (see this video for context on why it’s not necessarily a terrible idea: Ice Cream In The 18th Century? - YouTube ). It’s the location’s attempt to appeal to the novelty of partially touristy crowd. And since you’re feeding her, she doesn’t get chance to look at the label first to prepare herself.


Just a fun little moment. I think it highlights one of the goals I wanted to achieve with the character sprites - to make the VN feel a bit more dynamic. Credit to Clinko for bringing Myre to life here.

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!