Need help for a plain old game to play when you're bored

since ive been playing games like walk master a lot, i was thinking of maybe makin somethin similar. nothin special or challenge, just to play when you’re bored

basically theres 2 checkpoints,
(beginning - checkpoint 1 - checkpoint 2 - end)

in every checkpoint or 2 theres some sort of food to help gain weight of sorts. thats it. theres a few obstacles to do but thats pretty much it, hence why its nothing special.

theres infinite levels like in walk master with randomly generated obstacles. but every time you beat a level you gain “weight points” (name tbd) or something like that. and weight points can be used to unlock cosmetic.

the protag will be male

i basically just need someone to do the jump, walk, run sprite basically. i wanted to have a lot of different weight sizes just to spice it up. if you’re interested in helping with the sprites, then dm me here or on discord PepperPassNone#4191 .