Walk Masters WG - Pending Title

The game starts out with an unnamed male protagonist, and the goal is to get to the end of each infinite level.
This post explains stuff that was over in here .

Basically, the story is self explainatory I guess? It can be whatever you want.
Instead of 2 checkpoints, I think it should have around maybe 4 to make it a bit longer for every level, randomly generated obstacles (well not random, just random from pre selected obstacles) on each checkpoint, sorta like walk master
(Beginning - checkpoint 1 - checkpoint 2 - checkpoint 3 - checkpoint 4 - end)

Around the level is food which will make you grow bigger, making the level harder as you go on since you’ll be slower and fall faster. I’m thinking the game should have various weight sizes, maybe like 6. I dunno if I should make it so every checkpoint = gain weight, or if there would be food scattered around the map (this is why im here basically, to get feedback)

Every checkpoint will give weight points, and you’ll receive the weight points as soon as you get to a checkpoint. Weight points can be used to unlock cosmetics. Other than outfits, im not sure what else to add for cosmetics. Possibly hats?

Instead of “trails” like in walk master, I think the game should have “experiments”, and the game take place in a lab of sorts instead of a forest.

Lemme know what you guys think! Im definitely gonna work on this if I find an artist

edit: after a bit of thinking, the plot should be where you can manually control your weight using arrow keys of sorts, and every obstacle requires a different weight to get past, making the player think of which weight to use to get past


Aslong as I can make it so you can play it however much you want (like walk master) then I’m okay with how the game concept works

I was checking the original posts and thought you left its a good thing I found this post

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What? I’m confused on what you mean by this

You had another discussion where you were talking about a project idea and I was still on it and thought you left the server

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