New Forum Category: Tabletop Games!

Greetings, noble adventurers! :game_die:

For those who haven’t spotted the recent changes, Weight Gaming now has a section of the forum dedicated to all tabletop RPGs and games! Feel free to use this new forum section to discuss anything from chatting about your favourite systems, posting your latest homebrews or custom modules, or even organising RP groups!

We know that our shared interests can extend beyond the digital realm of videogames, so Weight Gaming is pleased to recognise and support game designers working within the world of roleplay as well!

Speaking of which, Red Deer Studios have recently released a brand new 5e adventure module that has already been posted up in the forum: the evocatively named The Evercoal Gambit! Can your party survive the treacherous tunnels of the Shaleshard Mine? I dare say it might be a tight squeeze for some~… Click here for more information!

To join Dobbin’s post, over the coming days we will also be looking to move all existing tabletop-related posts and topics spread amidst the forum over to this new section… Y’know, put some meat on 'er bones, hehe.

As always, have fun!