The Evercoal Gambit

The Evercoal Gambit is a 3rd-level adventure for up to four players. A freak avalanche forces the characters to take shelter inside the Shaleshard mine, a deep and dangerous cavern full of expansive tricks and traps. Can you and yours overcome the perils within?

This digital PDF includes multiple illustrations, along with tokens for every monster and NPC. Maps for each location in the adventure have also been provided, designed to be compatible with Roll20 and other virtual tabletops.

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Are there skunks in the adventure?

No skunks, but a bunch of badgers!

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Of the Dire variety, one might suppose? A mine that becomes home to a bunch of ornery tunnelers sounds about right!

Why don’t people like putting skunks in their works?

I can’t speak for others, but I’ve interacted with skunks a number of times for work.

And trust me, after dealing with those animals, you don’t have much love for them left, lol.


Even if there aren’t any skunks that appear in this adventure, players could use the Custom Lineage feature described in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything to create their very own skunk characters to play as! :skunk:

The Evercoal Gambit is, after all, a tabletop RPG adventure written for 5E, and so imagination is the only limit to the kind of content that players and GMs could potentially include.

There is, however, a skunk featured in Adventurers of Bella Ventus, a 5E sourcebook we published on our store page back in December '21. She’s a monk of the Way of the Mistcallers—a subclass that’s just perfect for skunks!


Does this use base 5e, or one of the homebrew systems available on this site, or integrations for more than one? (IE. “Instead of three goblins, place X here if using ExpanD&D.”) If not, are there any plans to create or give pointers towards doing so?

Red Deer Studios content uses Red Deer Studios systems exclusively. We are not affiliated with any other homebrew content.

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