New Idea for a Text Based RPG that I'm Working on.

So around a few weeks ago, I decided to make a few ideas for a Furry WG themed text based rpg with the idea being a combination of 4 different games into one game that could be expounded upon. The games in question are Yaffaif, CoC, FTAG, and of course, Nimin Fetish Fantasy.

These games really feel nice to play, but usually lack something or another for me to enjoy. But they are indeed amazing games and should be checked out.

And I thought about my idea, and then I said to myself, “Why not?”

The thing is, I have no idea what Im doing besides my idea of the format and language. It will be predominately on windows as a C++ driven console game.

I put some stats that I thought would be pertinent to the game and it’s characters, but my idea is basically having the story be kind of more free form, and having different starts rather than just one start like most text based RPG games. The other thing is that I want to make it feel like a text based version of skyim with more of a simplistic design on the approach, and removing the need for 3D and 2D and even a map for that matter, as in random encounters, but also set paths from location to location.

TL;DR, I have an idea of a furry wg game with a lot more than just the wg part. Based entirely in the console and the coding language of C++ and the genre is text based rpg.


Is there a reason you’re married to it being in C++? Maybe that’s the language you know, and that’s fine. Thing is, though, I don’t really see why you’d want to reinvent the wheel and not use Twine. Unless you’re absolutely certain that Twine would be an actual hindrance to development, that it simply can’t do what you want it to do, etc., Twine will not only allow you to make your game multiplatform but should also speed up development significantly.

You could download a copy of no_one’s Fatty Text Adventure Game, open it up in Twine and sort of dig around in its guts if you want to get an idea of how it works. At the very least, it should give you a fair assessment of whether or not C++ will do a better job than Twine in doing what you want.

In the end, you do you. And welcome to the community.


Thanks, I’ve been lurking until now.

Anyways, It’s really because C++ is the only language I can really wrap my brain around, and is based on OOP. (Object Orientated Programming.)

And I know that there is Java, and other better alternatives, but the fact of it is, is that I kinda like how simple and default it is.

I considered twine, but in essence, I couldn’t figure out the code all to well, and I did read through it, but it kinda got confusing to me.

Honestly, I still don’t understand a lot of code nuances either, including C++, but I’ll try to manage…


That’s fair enough, I suppose. I, myself, can’t really wrap my head around C++ and Java, but that might just be because I cut my teeth on JavaScript.

Might I recommend looking into raylib? I understand it’s a somewhat user-friendly, self-contained library, but I’ll leave that to your judgment. One of the smaller gamedev youtube channels I follow has sung its praises in the past, so it might be helpful for you.

Good luck in your endeavors, either way.


If you’re going to make it using the console for input/output (ie. no GUI with buttons) then the hardest thing will be the text parser for input. I’d recommend looking at Tads to solve that particular problem (it’s OO), or even Inform.

Ive actually tried TADs and Inform, the infuriating part about them is that I was unable to try and figure out a definitive way to make a character creation scene.

I think I’ll try Raylib, thanks for the recommendation!

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python is based around OOP as much as C++ is, it wouldn’t be hard to apply what you know to python, and if you’re using python that opens renpy to you.

I actually tried python, and I almost cried from the formatting and the other frustrations of the language. Thanks for telling me though.