New Member!

Been on Weight Gaming for about a month, maybe a month and a half now, as an acountless lurker. Got this account maybe a week ago, still lurking, but I’m making a post now to kind of introduce myself, since I’ve kind of unprofessionally put myself out there as a possible writer for another new member, Kobrim, on their piece Kobold’s Gold.

I’m also thinking of a few ideas I could inject into the ideas category unless I somehow get swept up for a project team (which would be fantastic, albeit I understand is unlikely to happen). I would only be a writer, or at least an editor/proofreader/beta reader, anyway.

Also, looking for any female weight gaining games with matching minigames. Like, Candy Crush, and the lot. 3 in a row match, sort of deal. It’d be fun! If it’s not a thing, I suppose I can get into into an ideas category at some point, or even start learning to program to do it myself.


Welcome, glad to have you here! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us! And do not discount getting in on a project. Especially with the Gain Jam coming up there should be some teams looking for a writer.