New Minecraft server

Edit: Sorry everyone the server got automatically deleted by aternos for having too much inactivity so the server will no longer be available.

I thought it would be interesting to have some kind of fat fetish mine craft server so I am using a free website called aternos to make a modded minecraft server. I am still sorting out the kinks but I hope that everyone likes it.

I have decided to make the server whitelisted so you will need to tell me your minecraft username so that you can join the server. I also highly suggest everyone make a free aternos account so that I can give them permission to start the server, otherwise you won’t be able to play unless I’m online, it’s just how aternos works.
I have also created a discord server for people to add suggestions or generally talk about the mine craft server.
server address:
Link to mods:
mods - Google Drive
Discord link:
WG Minecraft server :underage:


should probably go over the broad strokes of the modlist at least. gonna be a hard sell otherwise.

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Any mods in particular that you like or don’t like?

I mean… no? I haven’t clicked the link and if thats the pack you need to import I’m not gonna try and parse it from the filenames of all the jars. I’m asking you to describe whats in the modpack.


Oh okay,
There is immersive paintings, a mod that let’s you add custom paintings.
Just enough items is one that shows all the items and their crafting recipes and stuff.
Structure Gel APi, Citadel, Collective, Caelus, flywheel, Feature NBT Deadlock Be Gone, Mantle, Placebo, and Terra blender are required for some of the other mods to work,
The origins mods all add different origins, which are like different sets of abbilites and weakness for your character, think like classes in an rpg kind of.
AI Improvments, Clumps, FastSuite, Passive Enderman, and Rubidium are there to make the server less laggy (which has been working pretty well on that front, let’s hope it stays that way :crossed_fingers:)
Alex’s Mobs adds new mobs such as different wild animals and magical creatures.
Apple Skin shows more information related to hunger and saturation
Biomes O plenty adds more biomes and new blocks.
Block carpentry, chisels & bits, and constructions wands add new tools useful for building
Create is an automation / factory / machinery / tech mod
Customizable player models lets you customize your player model
Dungeons plus, repurposed structures, and when Dungeons arise add new structures
Immersive portals adds portals (like in those non euclidian cursed minecraft videos)
iron chests adds chests with more storage space
MmmMmmMmmMmm just adds a target dummy
cfm adds furniture and decorative blocks
Pam’s harvest craft 2 ads more food
pehkui is a mod that can control the sizes of various entities including but limited to players
Polymorph makes sure you get the crafting recipe you want when two mods add conflicting recipes
Twilight forest adds a new dimension,
tinkers construct adds a whole system for making custom tools
twilight forrest: lost blocks adds a few features not yet implemented in the twilight Forrest mod

Sorry for the confusion, hope this clears things up a bit.


the only downside is my minecraft account only uses my main name lol

I’ve heard that you can change your minecraft name, but it might take a while to go through. I’m not sure though, I’ve never tried it.

you can but that isn’t like a display name in discord, it is the name the game uses to fast identify your character when playing, servers use UUID for identifying players but if you have used command block that use your username those will all break, then someone can take your name, and then you can’t change it for 30 days. (Minecraft is where I learned how to code I know way too much technical details on how the game handles interactions and Identifications) Name changing is Highly undesirable.

how do i down load the mods homie?? Also bedrock or java?

you are looking at Java edition, (because bedrock has Add-ons and not Mods)

if you play bedrock, “Stop it, Get some help”

You could have Googled “How to install mods for minecraft” and figured it out over time.
“How to install mods with minecraft forge” is what you want

But here is

if you have Java edition installed, you need to load up version 1.18.2, then download minecraft Forge for 1.18.2 (recommended not latest) then you need run the Jar and install a client, which will add a forge version to your minecraft versions, then to go to the %APPDATA% folder which is named “Roaming” but you can’t find it with that, and then you need to go into the .minecraft folder and make a mods folder then you add the mods into that folder and once that is done you can run the Forge Version and you are good to go.

Just Google it please, you will find a video that you can follow along with.

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Don’t do any of what crystal just said, aside from stop playing bedrock. thats solid advice. What you should do is download prism and use that to load mods and modpacks instead

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Oh cool, I actually haven’t seen that one before.

oh lol I didn’t see that part, I am very old school when I install minecraft mods.

Does Blockbench work on Java? That would be the only reason I’d play Bedrock.

I think there might be some versions of block bench for Java edition. I’m not sure though, I’ve never used blockbench at all.

Hmmm. in what capacity do you mean does it work on java? Like could you make custom models for java with it? I’m not sure what the workflow is for bedrock or for that matter if there’s a similar framework for java.

I know that there’s a Customizable Player Models plugin for blockbench that allows it to import and export it’s file types, though its a little out of date at this point it’s still useful

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or you could also use Curseforge, since it’s the same thing, although I haven’t heard about Prism beforehand

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prism is open source, doesn’t have ads, and doesn’t demand you install overwolf for the curseforge app to function.

Short of the interface being a little bit less refined, and lacking a convenience or two that curseforge has, it is fully superior software in every other way.

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If you want another option for whatever reason, there’s even more launcher’s too like ATlauncher (NOT to be confused with Tlauncher).

were you able to get the mods installed?