New SaggingTon - Visual Novel Project

Hi there!

I just cobbled this visual novel project together over the course of a few days while learning Renpy. I have wanted to make a visual novel for a long, long while quite honestly, and after playing a few from friends… I decided to bite the bullet and start learning how to make one myself. I am still learning Renpy, but the game so far is completely free of any bugs, and should hopefully at least give you the gist of what I am going for.

To give you the full scope of what I am aiming for this game to be, here is a list of features that I want to implement in the game as I keep working at it:

  • Actual Art Assets and not just ref sheet cutouts of my OC’s
  • Comprehensive weight gain system with calories, stomach capacity, weight gain powders and spells, etc.
  • Branching story with multiple endings
  • SFW and (optionally) NSFW intimate/sex scenes with both male and female characters
  • Novel-length story
  • A full monetary system with bills, a paycheck, and upgrades
  • Knowledge system based off your chosen degree.

So, as you can see… I’m a bit ambitious here. However, this demo was written in 3 days while fighting off a cold on an engine I’ve never seen or used before. So… I have faith that I will be able to at least get some of that stuff implemented with time! I want to get it all in there too, and get it in there well; there will be no half-assing on this project. If something doesn’t work or isn’t coming out how I want it too, it won’t be added to the game… Period. So don’t expect anything half-baked.

This initial demo will be free, and will remain free for good. There will be a free build, but to support the game you can go to and get access to the most current build as well as behind the scenes sketches and concept artwork. There is also a Discord at where you can talk to me and the artist and composer about the game. I am well aware that not everyone can afford to pay for a fetish game, so I want to make sure that everyone can at least experience this project as it grows and moves forward. This is a passion project for me at the moment too, so I will update as often as I can, but I do have a full-time life.


9-8-20: This is the final demo of the game, though there will be updates for art and music as assets get made! It has a full first day, with all the intros to the major characters I want to reveal for now as well as a setup for what is to come. There are now 5 degrees to pick from, each with their own planned perks and bonuses in the full game (Cooking degree makes it easier to make fattening foods, for example). The few scenes that I got feedback on about not being up to snuff I shored up and did some rewriting, there is some more new music in the game, and just in general things are more polished. I am also testing the relationship system out too, which is another thing I want to implement to unlock new routes of fattening later on in the game. Sorry for the delay in getting this out, my partner and I moved house a few weeks ago and getting everything packed, unpacked, and all of that was… Yeah, that was a stressful few weeks. I’m back at the keyboard though and raring to go, so more updates shall be happening soon!

Anyways! Here is a link, and let me know what you think! I also added in a Mac version as well, as that was something that was heavily requested!

-I am aware of the differing art styles and lack of clothing on the characters, the art is all from ref sheets of characters that I own. I have found an artist, but it will take time for them to get through all the characters and art assets of the game.



I realy like the look of this… But I can’t seem to open it. I press on the application file and nothing happens

This is a really solid demo!
The visuals and characters look really nice, though some clothes would be good as I was sure that our character was freaking out because they moved to a nudist colony.
I really like the chemistry between us and our boss (hoss?) and the world building seems solid.
Sad that the demo ends at the best part, but eagerly looking forward for more (and the patreon).

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The demo makes me excited to see more of the game, the “feel” of the story is perfect!!

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Hey, just to say good work, even tough you present mostly a tease. Having read some of your stories and enjoying most of them, specially with weight gain themes, i would like to know what would be your longer scope for this, as in, the focus will be the wg fetish or will you be going towards other fetishes as well? And will the wg themes be only focused on your character or you will be able to make the hefty townspeople just a bit more heftier? Hope to see some more of this soon.

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hey, i really enjoyed this a lot! it’s very well-written, and the pacing is PERFECT, something i rarely ever see done just quite right! so many kink games just jump straight into the fat stuff with almost never a good reason, but here you had plenty of build-up that still felt reasonably paced, and made the inevitable chugging scene feel way more rewarding and exciting!!

my only critiques at the moment are actually more just questions pertaining to my preferences. first, are there going to be different pronouns available from the start of the game? i noticed that it wasn’t clear what gender i was playing as from the start, so i just assumed the player character was whatever gender you wanted (i’m female, and i’m sure some nonbinary folks would appreciate a “they/them” option too!), but towards the end when Carmine showed up, some third-person speaking appeared and i was referred to as a “he.” personally, i don’t get triggered by this stuff, but i know some people do, and i’d always at least like the option of gender-setting if possible! though if you’re against adding it as you’d have to set tons of variables and swap out specific singular words, i understand. just thought i’d at least bring it up!

also, are there any plans to add burps? i’d love to read burps from both your characters and the player, and i thought it would be super fitting after that first chug scene! if you’re not into burps though, i get it.

either way, great stuff so far! can’t wait to see more progress!!


Okay, so got a few questions to answer!

@TheGamingFennec Did you get opening the game solved? It is a PC build, so if you are trying to open it on a Mac or Linux, then it might not work.

@AlphardBlack All the art is placeholder, so I’m sorry about that. I don’t have an artist, so I’ve had to use my OC’s ref sheets for character art for the time being. I would love there to be clothes, but I am by no means an artist; I write. So… Art assets needed to fix your nudity issue.

@Kaiser.1 There is indeed going to be a weight gain fetish focus, but there will be other fetishes included of course. I won’t really spoil what I have in mind for those, but I will say that there are other fetishes planned. There will also be weight gain for both your character and for the others involved as well, though the weight gain for others will be in snippets and one offs, and the player’s will be persistent, at least that is the plan for now. So, there will be a lot of fatty goodness all around.

@mynamaheff I totally didn’t catch that gendering bit, so thanks for catching it! I am non-binary myself, so I tried to keep the gender of the player out of the game entirely. I didn’t plan on adding in gender because of that, and because I wanted to make sure that there was as much immersion of whomever’s sona was playing. I may though upon that suggestion though, as it wouldn’t be too much of a pain… It would add a lot of work, but it’s already going to be a ton of work getting this going so I’ll toy with it. As for the belches; those will get added in as fetishes progress and things start to get into the weighty part of the game. There is going to be a lot of fetishy goodness in this once I really get it off the ground; this was really just to see if the idea that I was working on had any interest or if it was just kind of blah. So TL:DR, thank you for the catch and I’ll look into it, and yes belches as well as other fetishy goodness are coming!

Thank you all for the suggestions, compliments, and for playing the game!


I have read quite a number of your stories (“Eric” is a personal favorite), and you have long been an inspiration for me. Therefore, I expected nothing less from your tease of a demo. There’s…something even more refreshing about reading your work in visual novel form. Maybe it’s the pacing; maybe it’s the music and backgrounds. This exposition highlights your skills in character development, and I am sure more world-building will come soon enough.

The character visuals were a bit too cartoon-ish for my tastes, but they are certainly better than nothing. I felt as though the character images were actually undersized in relation to some of your descriptions. Then again, that might just be me wanting to see even more fat *wink*.

I will reserve more commentary (praise and suggestions, but mostly praise) for later installments. Welcome to the world of Weight Gaming’s active posting. I wish you the best.

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So Male and Furry is not at the top of the fetish list but I have to say this game is good it runs well and it is not to word I do love the setting being a new guy in a new town it opens up so many possibilities for the story.

I’ll try redownloading it, maybe the download missed something

A very interesting demo. The lack of clothes caught me off guard at first, especially when the written descriptions mention them, lol. Also, I’m also quite convinced that plush sheep wishes to devour my soul.

Is there any plans to have the MC ever be seen in the game, or will it all be left to imagination? Looking forward to more, regardless.

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HM… I guess it all male game I guess? Sorry for thinking of that.

More questions, so more answers!

@Anonymous264170 - Thank you for the praise with my writing, first and foremost. I really, really needed that little jolt of inspiration, so thank you! World building will come; this is the universe I have been writing in for over 10 years now, so I have an entire world and lore book for it all written down and ready to go. The character art… That will come as I find an artist. I don’t have one yet, and I am looking for one to make the art style actually be a style, rather than a bunch of ref sheets. And yes, things will be bigger.

@Fuzzd22 - There is a lot of places I have the story planned for, so you are correct in that. There will be female characters in the games too; again, no artist yet. I used what I had for art assets. The furry is staying, but there will be both genders, as well as some non-binary characters as well.

@LeftHandManGary - As I have said above, I have no artist; the art is all characters that I have ref sheets for and was able to cut out and use just as place-holders. The names and species and whatnot are right, but… I’m no artist, so no clothes yet. As for the sheep… You’re on the right track, but I won’t spoil anything just yet. You question; there may or may not be seeing the main character; I haven’t decided yet. I want a lot of it to be left to the imagination with long, lovely written descriptions of size and the like, but… We shall see. That is still in the ‘I’m figuring that out’ category.

@Maria_House - There will be male and female characters in the game, as well as non-binary.


Little game update for today!

I got genders added in and working, so you can now choose your gender and it will stick for the rest of the game! I also added in a couple backgrounds, as well as a bit of dialogue, to make things a bit smoother in certain spots. So, not much changed.

Also! I will be posting a new build around once a week; I don’t want to promise that, just in case I have a busy week or something comes up, but I am going to be shooting for that. I will also be getting the Patreon for this game going at the end of the month, so if you want to support this project (And lure in an artist with the promise of money!), then keep an eye out!


Heya! Playing through the demo right now and I’m digging the concept and setting a lot. Also I’m a big fan of the art style used for the characters - I actually found myself getting turned on by most of the characters quite a bit despite not usually being attracted to dudes.

One note that I do have for you concerns some of the dialogue that feels almost like it’s looping. I was given a choice between three different options, but my character’s ensuing inner monologue seemed to cycle through the dialogue associated with each of the three decisions in succession.

For reference, this was when my character was trying to figure out why they were checking out their boss. I picked “He looked damn hot!” which produced appropriate dialogue, but after thinking about being shallow my character started talking about their nerves as if I had chosen the second dialogue option. Following that, my character decided that there was no way they were actually checking Dhumal out despite freely admitting to doing so a dozen dialogue boxes previously.

Yeah, I’m not super happy with that scene. That’s one of the things in the rework that I just mentioned, so that whole mess of a vibe should get fixed. It wasn’t looping, I know where you are talking about and it was just trying to reconcile all three choices without making them seem too weird.

I’m glad you like the art style, but as I have said many times, they’re all placeholder. I don’t know what artist I will manage to wrangle in for this… But hopefully they can keep your interest just as the current ones do!

ah, thanks for responding! looking forward to seeing burps as well as all of the extra fetishy stuff you have to offer! things are already looking super promising in this little demo! and for the gender stuff, i think leaving pronouns completely out of it would work just as well as adding gender-related variables, so whichever of those two you think would be easier to implement or would flow better in dialogue is fine by me, and i’m sure no one else would have any complaints!!

Oh yeah, the story itself was really engaging and the end of the demo definitely left me wanting for what’s to come! Watching this project for sure :slight_smile:

I got pronouns working, and working pretty easily, so they will be in the game. I will still not use them much, but they will be there! And thanks! I hope things keep looking good as the game develops!

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ok want to know. I been notice few male didn’t notice few female