New site mascots!

Good day everyone!

I am both happy and sad to announce that we will be working on retiring our old mascots Willow & Graham done by the amazing @cakecatboy and replacing them with Wilton & Ganache from the very talented Mihai. Their bios and ref sheets can be found here:

Now you may be asking why we had to retire Willow & Graham. To put it simply we had an dispute over the contract we had with @Cakecatboy concerning the IP rights of the mascots. Due to the situation, we feel that we could not continue to use Willow & Graham.

While we hate to see Willow & Graham go, we hope you all will enjoy Wilton & Ganache.


Real talk. This site had mascots?

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I mean we had a cat boy and girl for a while but they just didn’t show up very often.

Ya, we did not get to use them as much as we wanted.

I didn’t really like cat boys and girls myself so I’m excited to see these non-cat humans.


Not gonna lie, Ganache is giving me Bea vibes (that fighting type gym leader in pokemon sword and shield)

I dunno, I found this funny.

With that said, love the designs!

new boyfriend!!!
I love him so much

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