November 2023 Income Statement

Good day everyone!

Its that time of the month again so here is a break down of our income for November. Revenue from ad-sense is still holding at about $126. We did see a drop in our Patreon though of about $100 bringing us from around $524 to $415. At the moment we are expecting to be between $5,500 to $6,000 in the red for the year. Luckily it looks like we are going to rebound a bit in December thanks to a new Patreon, but with our expenses holding fairy steady at about $800/month (and likely to spike a bit soon) it would be nice if we got a few more supporters to help with covering operating costs.

That all being said, things tend to slow down around the holidays as people save money so we are not expecting any further bumps for the rest of this year. I would say expect to see us pushing Patreon a bit harder starting next year though as we do expect to see our operating costs begin to go up.

And with that I would like to thank everyone who has and is currently supporting us! Your generosity really helps with keeping the site up and running! And if you are interested in helping please check out our Patreon.


Seeing these always makes me curious – If funding can’t be sustained, is there a safety net or plan to keep the site up and running?

Would hate to see this place go.

We have options for scaling back if it comes down to it though it would harm the sites reliability under current load. The biggest thing is we would have to dump the main site which I would prefer not to do but it will become a massive increase to our expenses here once we start deploying it.

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The main site… maybe I’m just being a dum-dum, but aren’t we on the main site right now? Whichever site this is, where’s the other one?