Offering Art Commissions! (Furry/Inflation preferred)

I’ve never really done this before, but I am in a bit of a tight spot money-wise so I figured I’d ask around here first, since this community is a bit smaller and I’m less likely to get drowned out by better other artists. Another thing to note is that I start to have serious issues with motivation if I’m working on the same thing for more than a month or so, so I would VERY MUCH prefer smaller, bite-sized projects if possible. That said, I am in a bit of a tight spot, and beggars can’t really be choosers.

Some of my previous works include the HD Pack for Spacethumper (adding shading and idle animations to pre-existing sprites by Chubberdy), some assets for a game concept that I don’t have the time to learn to code, and of course, my extensive back catalog on FA.

I would greatly prefer to work with:

  • Short-term projects, small batches of assets, or single commissions
  • Furry content
  • Belly-focused content
  • Fat/WG content with rounder shapes
  • Pixel art

I would be okay working with:

  • Long-term projects or large batches of assets
  • Humans
  • Fat/WG content with more blob-style shapes
  • Blueberry/Spherical inflation
  • Flat style digital art, including vector art

I will NOT work with:

  • Visible genitalia
  • Excessive burps/farts (a little bit is okay though)
  • Lactation
  • Healthplay/Realism, Cellulite, etc
  • Ponies
  • Others’ OCs without the permission of the original owner (corporate-owned characters such as Pokemon are fine)
  • Underage characters (not that I think anyone would ask since it’s literally against the law on this website, but better safe than sorry)

I don’t really have a proper structure or format for pricing yet, since I’m kind of just winging it here, so rates are negotiable. Don’t try anything stupid, though, like asking me to draw you a 50-page comic book for 5 bucks. I’m not quite that negotiable. Due to the motivation issues I mentioned above, I won’t ask you to pay me until I’ve actually completed the project. I’ll send a low-quality or watermarked screenshot of the final product, then send the actual file over once I’ve received payment. I’ll also check in with you at key stages of the commission to make sure everything’s looking the way you want it.

The best way to contact me is probably through Weight Gaming itself as a reply to this post or a direct message, but I’m also on Discord as n_flateur and FurAffinity as Flateur.


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