Okui - Development Changelog


This topic is made for little updates, reports and concept pictures from the team.

Actual changelog is in the demo release thread!

You can find our pages here:



Currently, we’re working on a playable demo, which will be really simple
and include one level and general showcase of game mechanics.

I’m still working on the vore mechanic, but I’m sure I’ll get it done by the weekend.
For now, recent additions include:

  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Ranged weapons
  • General sprites of player and envinroment

Crucial elements are still missing, more changelogs coming hopefully soon

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This is going to feel like precenting our science fair projects


Hello! I’m back with another update!

Some of you have propably been told that a demo will be released on September 9.
Unfortunately, release must be delayed.
Our team has agreed that we’d rather give you guys a proper demo instead of a rushed one (on top of that my laptop’s screen broke…)

More details soon. Sorry!

P.S: Vore mechanics are starting to get into a shape!


Everything is fine, and vore mechanics are working nicely!!

Expect a demo sometime around this month
(maybe later, I’m not promising anything!!)

also, here’s our twitter (I post random stuff there!)


Since this thread has been kind of silent, here’s some concept arts for an ENEMY and NPCs.


Didn’t we have much more? Or is it a surprise?

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We do, but it’s also a surprise. There will be more to come.


Nothing big is going on with the game (slow pace lately), but I thought I’d make an invite for our server:

Feel free to talk to us and other people there! (and read the rules ofc)


Here’s another thing, a Centaur Ant, packing heat.


Here’s some more enemies.


yay maybe it didn’t die because it seems interesting

What didn’t die?

Maybe he refers the game because of the lack of updates…

I know that recently there are updates, but is weird that some updates are in twitter meanwhile others are in the WGaming posts.

Yeah, I know, I am not in charge of those, but I guess we’ll need a definite place to blog because it is indeed really confusing

*Okay, to clear things out, the game is absolutely not dead at all. We are just doing more technical stuff or things that are not really that impressive, like grass, do yall want to see grass?
(if you answer yes I am still not showing you the grass you cheeky grasshopper)

We are still working hard on the demo. I know it was long overdue, but it is still coming, and we are most definitely still working

Thanks, to all of you for your support! Okui Team loves you! :green_heart:


‘Do y’all want to see grass?’

Yes, yes we do. Little details like that add a bit more life to the whole thing, rather than bland samey corridors the whole way through, thanks for that.

This post was written in complete sincerity, no sarcasm was intended.


If you insist.

Okay, you win, you win, you cheeky grasshopper

                        **Not actual in-game footage**

I might need to re-make these guys, these are like one of the first enemies I did