OkuSim: A Cute Wife Simulator

Ohayo! I guess after rigorous testing I can announce my project today. This is OkuSim, a game where you get to play as a housewife and do chores, stuff yourself silly and find other fun little secrets. Features stuffing, weight gain, pregnancy and vore, but the latter two options are toggle-able so if you’re not into that you can turn them off

As it’s merely a demo release, don’t expect too many things to do. Programmer and writer is @chilmistressfreia and I’m responsible for the gameplay design loop and art assets. Any suggestions or ideas can certainly be something we’ll look into for future builds

Update Feb 26: Been a bit? So a few days ago my friend did some more programming, I did some more testing and we’ve updated+streamlined a few of the things for this update. It’s not a game announcement yet, it’s entirely QoL content but I do think that it’s worth checking out! This will be the only demo update. From here on we’ll be working on fleshing out a game and soon we’ll start working on more content. Hope to see you sooon!

Download Here: OkuSim

Here’s a gander at the current playable wives I’ve designed. Have fun!



Your description suggests to me we need an ‘-optional’ suffix to some of the thread description tags. And I do thank you for allowing certain things to be optional since I always despise it when I can’t block Vore content in games and it pops up unexpectantly.


Amazing concept and I need to know if the clip that plays when you click the table is sampled from Chop Suey!

Also great choice including Tsukihime music!

Okay, so this is dumb, but at the point where you choose your name, there is no backspace key. As a result my name is now “MILF < :rewind:”.

Backspace is the X key, standard RPG Maker decline. Sorry if it wasn’t obvious


Well I can see where you are going with this and it does have a lot of potential, but the lack of custom stuff makes things a bit awkward, like having to go into the quest items menu to look at your watch in order to check your stats instead of simply having it be an option on the menu. Not to mention all the other hangers on from the default RPG maker setup like the combat stats. But seeing that this is only a demo I think it does it’s job.

This sounds and looks very promising! Excited to see where this project goes :smiley:

And so it begins… the Wife wars.

Who is best girl?

I’m prone to 2nd and 5th girl.


Very understandable. Some of the aspects of the game are due to limitations my friend knows with programming (of which I know nothing about myself) so we’ll work on a better way to view stats like that in the future. Especially if we can add a proper UI. I’m mostly thankful the system works as I envisioned as is. We’ll streamline that in the future

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I think something I’d like to add is a personality option to change some of the dialogue and more interactions with your child and husband. I also like the fact I can do this without weight gain and just have the stuffing. I prefer stuffing over weight gain and being given a choice is nice for those who prefer one over the other

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Yeah, just note that if you reach a level 3 belly in any way you’ll gain weight the next day. The treadmill immediately gets rid of it any time you want though so it’s no big deal

Further interactions are something planned in the future for sure


i like how the tomboy’s mood in the picture does not match the text at all she looks fed up and disappointed as hell in her weight gain XD

very nice game though so far keep it up!

Cool idea, can’t wait for more content

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A cute little demo, though kind of aimless. Doesn’t seem like there’s much of a point to anything, even cleaning, since you always get $100 and nothing to buy, yet. Feels more like an art showcase than anything.

A REALLY CUTE art showcase (Yamato is probably best design, Trad has the best faces, Gothic the cutest baby, Onee-san the jack of all trades, Tomboy has the best weight gain reactions), but that’s kind of it. I am unsure what you all will do going forward. Can’t really give much criticism cause there’s just…nothing here.

I think it might be best to examine what your core loop will be. Why play the game and expand from there. Like, bare minimum, there should be at least a gallery so it is easier to see all the MILF pics you unlock.

Also is there any vore content in the game currently? If there is, seems like you have to get to a pretty high level to even see it right now… I know the art is already in the game, its really cute, but don’t see much way to access it…

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Yeah this demo was the extent of my original vision but the future will require more work to make it anything more than the simple little grind loop that it is. A gallery mode is a great idea tho

Vore is in the game! There is stuff to buy, you just gotta use the home phone to order something. That’s where all the good stuff is. Level 8 is what you need to be to access vore

Hey I like what I see so far, the artwork is very cure! Although I do have a couple questions. How many weight stages are there? And how long does it take to gain weight?

There’s 2 wg stages. The first is accessible from any level 3 belly (Stuffing/Preg/Vore) while the second is accessible from a level 3 belly while fattened up. Unfortunately the max is at level 3 because I ran out of room on the sprite sheets meaning you can’t get knocked up or eat people when you’re obese

Any possible future builds might change that but assets don’t exist atm. All assets that I’ve drawn for the game are used at some point


Ok, I was just curious. I’m impressed that you made 3 unique weights for each character (totaling 15) just for the demo! You should be proud.


Okay, one more level for me, then. Guess that’s my incentive to keep going! Sucks not be a vore-lover, then!
And yeah, you can buy the food, but that’s it. Given that only takes one cleaning action to profit and buy all food at once, you end up with too much money before long…

Hang on what?
It should take you 20 chore-doings before your income goes up, from the base $100 a day, and chores don’t directly give you money.

I smell another bug to squash.