OkuSim: A Cute Wife Simulator

I think I did something wrong. I can’t get mine to run, it seems? I’m trying on saved games, but I’m not even sure if I installed or am using the Alicorn Mod Loader correctly.

EDIT: Finally got it to work! Admittedly, I’m the most fond of the Mobility mod, which makes your Wife slower the fatter she is, and also make her audibly slosh while waddling.

How do you make the mods work?

EDIT: Oh, you have to make a new folder called mods in the game’s folder to put the mods in

That’s mine lol. I honestly didn’t really expect anyone to find it. Looks like I even forgot to move the audio file to the correct location (should be good now though). Yeah, basically just patch in the mod loader, create a “mods” folder next to the exe and drop stuff in there. Might need to change maps in-game for changes to load.

I was using the game as kind of an experiment to see how hard it would be to patch in new sounds. I added the other mod to remove grind for testing. I’m willing to try adding other stuff if anyone has any ideas.

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Can you give me a little guide to modding the game please? i’m not exactly good with github stuff


It must be nice to see your mods actually get some traction here. I’m personally hoping that some of these features get implemented in the base game. It would be immersive if fatter women moved slower.

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Thank you for your contribution to the game. And thank you for the alicorn mod loader, I can see it’s uses in other games as well.

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On the other hand, that would mean that without modding in extra calories, it would take even longer to level up

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can you please compile everything and send me the file to download?

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Anyone got tips on how to get the mods to work? BetterMove is working for me, but it doesn’t seem like HighCalorieTostWAAda is.

Edit: Nvm i had it right, i didn’t realize the TostWAA was an item XD